Big Day Botox

Big Day Botox

Dr Sabba Janjua Explains The Benefits Of Pre-Wedding Treatment

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


It’s natural to want to look and feel your best on your Day, which is why many couples are turning to Botox® to help them feel their most confident on their wedding. Botox is great for a variety of issues - not just wrinkles and fine lines. Here’s how it could work for you….

Frown Lines
Erasing those annoying forehead lines is the top reason people turn to Botox® and fortunately it’s one of the most effective areas to treat. It’s crucial to treat lines when they first appear, as once they become deeper, Botox® is less effective at getting rid of them completely. And there’s no need to worry about a frozen face; Botox® can give you a natural look.

Crow’s Feet
Treating those crinkles on the outer corners of your eyes can open up the area, making you appear more refreshed.

Eye Brow Lift
This is the perfect treatment for those looking to subtly turn back the clock. Botox® is injected in several carefully selected muscles to help lift the eyebrows and create a youthful arch.

Jawline Slimming
Botox works by slimming the masseter muscle we all have on either side of our jaw, slimming your profile. I recommend a course of three treatments, eight weeks apart.

Chin Dimpling
If you notice chin indentations when you speak or eat, it’s down to an overactive muscle called mentalis. It works overtime due to to a loss of volume in the lower part of the face, and the dimpling can become permanent if left untreated.

Excessive Sweating
Hyperhidrosis (abnormally increased sweating) can be a very embarrassing condition for men and women but if you suffer from it, having Botox can spare your blushes. Injections are performed in the armpit area, preventing damp under-arm patches. Have this four weeks before your Day and you won’t break a sweat. And it will easily see you through the honeymoon as results can last for up to an incredible six months.

When Should I Get Botox?

Book facial Botox at least 6 months before so injections can be fine tuned before the Big Day

Will It Be Obvious?
In the correct hands it shouldn’t be. A thorough consultation is vital in order to provide the right results for you.

How Long Does It Last?
It takes a week to notice results with full results at two weeks. It generally last three months to four months.

Any Side Effects
Its generally an extremely safe and low-risk procedure. You may experience temporary mild redness and bruising but this usually fades after a few days. Your practitioner should explain the full risks at your consultation.


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