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Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden

Paradise found: floral-inspired beauty for your Big Day

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Pack away heavy Winter foundations and extinguish those dark smokey eyes; it’s Spring and that means garden fresh beauty is the look, and the inspiration, of the season. The haze you find on Spring evenings inspired the eyes for this look. A mellow peach wash that fades in to a soft glimmering gold uses the same technique as a black smokey eyes, just with lighter, fresher colours. Try a liquid foundation mixed with a few drops of your favourite highlighter to get that coveted dew-kissed skin. Give cheeks the gentlest infusion of colour with a sweep of coral blush. Keep to coral on the lips, using a dab of gold along the centre to amp up the volume.

A pop of cheerful colour is the quickest way to update your makeup kit and lift your look. The formula for a flawless base is simple: moisturise, primer and follow with foundation. A hint of blush beneath the cheek will make the most of your natural bone structure while highlighter along the top of the cheekbone brightens and accentuates while also helping to open up the eye. Next dress lashes with mascara and seal with liner for statement eyes that will last all through the Big Day. Smooth on lipbalm before applying English rose pink to lips - peppermint balms have a plumping effect. A final swipe of gloss will help increase luminosity and vibrancy. 

The secret to a fresh, dewy look starts, as with all masterpieces, with the foundation. To create this look, begin with moisturised skin before smoothing on primer to level any irregularities. Use liquid foundation sparingly, using only where neccesary to create a sheer base. Next, apply Strobe Cream or highlighter to the areas where sunlight would naturally illuminate the face. Forgo contouring - this look is all about light, glowing beauty. Downplay the eyes and lips here to keep all the attention on the face. Simply frame the eyes with liner along the upper lashline, lock in a double coat of mascara and kiss lips with sheer nude brown tones for a look that’s as effortless as it is stylish.

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