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Digitally divine nails for your big day

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


That dazzling rock on your finger looks gorgeous solo, but a bridal outfit just wouldn’t be complete without a full manicure. Whether you’re looking for chic French tips or party-ready nails, award-winning nail artist and owner of Lulu’s Nail Boutique Lucie Purohit is on hand with a few top tips


Gold is a classic ‘evergreen’ colour that will always be in fashion when it comes to brides. Black lace detail combined with a shimmer from coloured stones convey a real Morrocan or Arabic vibe. High shine metallic gel polish in rich copper or gold tones add a flashy gleam to fingers, and remain a constant favourite among brides-to-be and other members of the wedding entourage. Meanwhile, capture glamour with reflective layers between gel polish for ultimate staying power. Think of gold as a neutral and use it in combination with the primary hue in your outfit, jewellery or make up to pull your Big Day look together.

  LUCIE'S TOP TIP:   Use gold as a neutral and pair with prominent tones in your outfit to pull the look together


With an increasing number of brides opting for pastel shades for their registry gowns,  nail technicians are getting ever more requests for a subtle touch of colour on nails too.
Elegant shades with a hint of colour are proving extremely popular - think sheer pinks, sorbet peaches, sublime teals and the aristocrat’s favourite, duck egg blue, for a final flourish that isn’t too overbearing. Add the merest hint of glamour with carefully positioned minature pearls, dainty crystals and caviar beads. Brides who want to turn heads with their hands could consider lace prints, coloured Swarovski crystals and hand-crafted 3D nail art.

  LUCIE'S TOP TIP:   Think sheer pinks and peaches, sublime teals and duck egg blue for a subtle sheen of colour


Perfect for wowwing the crowds at your post-wedding reception, sangeet, walima or mendhi event. The use of­­ bright vibrant tones adds a touch of playfulness to your fingertips.   Key autumnal colours such as emerald green, sapphire blue and deep rose work well alongside slick metallics. Add a twist to a traditional French manicure with glitter tips or coloured nail beds. Meanwhile caviar beads, laser cut stencils for precise lace prints and   gold stone and pearl embellishments finesse the party look.
The brighter your choice of nail colour the better. Get your finger on the pulse and go for bold, clashing colours that joyously offset against one another, or mimic the intricate beadwork and embroidery on your lengha or sari. The scope here is extensive; anything from traditional designs to contemporary designs will work wonderfully for your party look.

  LUCIE'S TOP TIP:   Always use a base polish to prevent dark colours staining your nails


One colour comes to mind as far as Asian weddings are concerned. Red symbolises shakti, the inner strength present in all women. The rich rue is associated with goddesses, conveying good luck, vitality and prosperity - everything you could wish for on your wedding day! Scarlet, maroon, rose and ruby, the sheer choice on offer for a red-wearing bride allows for a plethora of options when it comes to nail art. Include hand placed trimmings for a traditional feel that co-ordinates with your outfit or jewellery. A layer of gently shimmering glitter helps create dimension, while gel polishes give a brilliant shine and can be adjusted to reach varying levels of depth.

  LUCIE'S TOP TIP:   Use gel polish for high impact and high shine on your Big Day

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