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Mehndi Gallery

Mehndi Gallery

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ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


If you want a traditional look but don’t want to spend hours waiting for the paste to dry, have a simple design over a large area of skin. A simple adornment can be as impactful as a heavy sleeve. This delicate design works well for guests coming to a mehndi night.

Elegance By Nayma
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The beauty of mehndi is that it’s temporary so you can be as bold as you dare. This design by Mehndi by Tan marries authentic and contemporary intricacies, making it the perfect addition for both traditional and modern bridalwear. Enhance your final look with rings and bracelets for a truly regal finish.

Mehndi (Art) by Tan
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Circular patterns are popular in mehndi patterns, since they signify unity and eternity. Ask your artist to decorate your skin with these to encourage good fortune on your wedding day. Here, geometric patterns have been combined with wrist and finger details, creating a distinctive modern design.

Isna Henna
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A strong, heavy look like this is best for traditional brides thanks to the level of detail involved in creating such a pattern. The mehndi is applied with a cone which has a tip the same size as a needle, allowing the mehndi artist to craft such an aweinspiring look.

Qiyas Touch
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Showcase feet with exquisite mehndi. The details on top of the foot and toes will make this look work for sandals as well as W-day heels. Planning to wear toe rings or anklets? Have your mehndi frame the jewellery for a look that’s polished and pulled together.

Rang the Colour of Love
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Want a deeply rich mahogany stain? Give your mehndi a helping hand with household staples from the kitchen. Simply mix sugar and lemon juice into a paste, dabbing on with cotton wool. Leave to dry, then flake off with a blunt knife. You’ll be left with a gorgeous deep stain that will get darker in the next 48 hours.

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To create a look that’s unique, take inspiration from your bridal jewels. Here, pendants and fine chains are mimicked in the design, interspersed with sections of nature-inspired patterns and motifs. The look you’re left with is an updated version of a traditional classic.

Henna Girl UK
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