The Perfume Shop Launches Bespoke Wedding Service

The Perfume Shop Launches Bespoke Wedding Service

Matching fragrances for you and him

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Every bride has a signature scent, something that captures her essence in a spritz. But when it comes to the Big Day, it may be time to step away from your everyday favourite. Fragrances have always been a memory trigger, so, on such a momentous occasion it makes sense to have something a little more precious and unique. Luckily with The Perfume Shop’s bespoke consultation service, you’ll find a scent that you’ll treasure as much as your memories of the day.

With over 260 stores in the UK, there’s probably a store on your high street, which makes the service so very accessible. You can pop in on your lunch break, book an appointment or squeeze this in between weekend wedding shopping. Every member of staff is fully trained to help you discover your perfect W-Day scent.

What makes The Perfume Shop unique is their secret weapon, the Michael Edwards Fragrance of the World app which catalogues more than 33,000 fragrances. You can search for your favourite and find similar scents available in-store, or travel through the fragrance families to sniff out The One for you - perfect for anyone yet to determine their olfactory tastes.

The app splits fragrances into four families; Floral, Oriental, Woody and Fresh, and these are further divided into sub-families. If it sounds detailed, that’s because it is! The Perfume Shop puts a lot of thought into finding the right scent so you don’t have to.  

His and Hers fragrances
You’ve coordinated his sherwani to your lehenga and matched your invites to your floral displays, so why stop there? If you want to pair your scent with his, The Perfume Shop is here to help. The consultation can marry his and hers scents to create complementary aroma.

These perfumes can be from the same brand or from entirely different fragrance houses, but they work by ensuring both share a common note and are from the same fragrance family. There are combinations that would suit a morning ceremony, matches for destination weddings and pairings that would be perfect for romantic summer receptions.
 Find complementary his and hers fragrances at The Perfume Shop

Thank You Gifts
If you’re stuck for ideas on how to say thanks to your bridesmaids or groomsmen, we love the idea of gifting them complementary scents that work in harmony with your fragrance - how’s that for squad goals? The Perfume Shop also offers free engraving on selected bottles, so you could include their names and your wedding date for a heartfelt momento that won’t fade in a hurry.
Bridesmaids gifts: these bottles can be engraved with a heartfelt message for your girls

The Perfume Shop Wedding Service is complimentary and available in-store now. Book an appointment or visit a branch near you.

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