7 New Year’s resolutions every bride should make

7 New Year’s resolutions every bride should make

Before you say I Do, make these important vows – to yourself

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


New year, new you! If 2018 happens to be the year you’re getting married then you’ve got more motivation than ever before to stick to well-meaning resolutions.

Here are some common promises with a wedding twist that we think every bride should make:

I Will… Exercise More
While exercising can of course, help with weight loss, it’s also a fantastic stress-soother and mood-booster, making it perfect for pulling yourself out of any potential wedding planning slumps.If you dread the thought of hitting the gym (us too), try something a bit more out there. 

Love a sing-along? Try a dance class or pick a session that’s more like a rave than a sweat session. It can be anything that means you move more than normal, from long countryside walks to bursts of HIIT, yoga to regular tennis matches. Rope in like-minded bridesmaids to keep each other motivated.

I Will… Lose Weight
Whether the amount you want to shift is big or small, being slimmer is one of the most popular NY resolutions ever. For brides-to-be who want to lose weight, the Big Day is the ultimate deadline.

Our Winter issue cover girl, Bollywood star Bhumi Pednekar reveals how she slimmed down after her debut role in Dum Laga Ke Haisha, which saw her add 4.4 stone to play her character: “I had realistic goals because I knew I wouldn’t drop the weight in two months! It had taken nearly a year to gain all the weight so it would take longer to lose it. I had modest, short-term goals – 3kg, 4kg a month.

The first 20kg went in less than six months because there was so much to lose. After that my losses slowed down, but slowly and steadily, I kept at it and here I am. There’s no miracle cure, you just have to be disciplined and work hard.”
Read the full interview in the Winter issue, available to buy here.

I Will… Eat more healthily
Getting your five-a-day reaps far more benefits than just weight loss. Eating right can improve your hair, skin and nails as well as protect your immune system, ensuring you have that healthy glow that really does come from within in the run-up to the wedding.While we all know what we should be eating, the reality is we’re all guilty of grabbing a ready meal or takeaway after a long day at work. Compile a weekly dinner plan to stay on track and if you must grab something pre-made, be smart and choose something like BOL Salads and Veg Pots, which are packed with veggie goodness and all under 400 calories. 

I Will… Learn a new skill or hobby
Maybe you’ve always wanted to master arranging a bouquet, bake the perfect macarons, or perfect calligraphy script. Now’s the perfect time to learn something new, in the name of your wedding. We’re not saying you should DIY it all, but adding small details that you’ve crafted yourself can give your décor more significance.
It doesn’t even have to be for the Big Day, how about some baked goodies for your hen party, or cute invites for the Mehndi party? That way you can divert some of your wedding fund for special extras (an indulgent spa treatment or a honeymoon flight upgrade, perhaps?) and mastered another skill at the same time! Winning.

I Will… Be kinder to myself
Wedding planning can be a stressful experience. With so many events to plan and balls to juggle, your health and wellbeing can take a back seat. That’s why it’s never been more important to ensure you take some time out, away from wedmin, for yourself.

Read a book, catch up on your favourite Netflix show or indulge in a luxurious skincare routine that gives you time off the planning clock. We can be our own worse critics, especially when there’s pressure (external or internal) to host the perfect wedding. Give yourself a break and be kinder to yourself. 

I Will… Be a better friend/ fiancé/ daughter/ sister
Of course your Big Day is important, but – and please don’t take this the wrong way - no one cares quite as much about it as you do. Monopolizing every single conversation and forever making it about you, you, you is how Bridezillas are born.

Use your New Year’s resolutions to promise to schedule in coffee sessions, mate dates and visits to the cinema with friends. Make time for your parents and be there at family events. If there’s something your fiancé has always wanted to try but you’d rather stick pins in your eyes, give it a second thought. Healthy relationships are about consideration and compromise.

I Will… Finally kick my bad habits
Whether it’s biting your nails, smoking or drinking, the New Year is a fresh slate on which you can start anew. Use Jan 1st as your springboard to finally kick those unpleasant habits and you’ll find yourself feeling and looking better for it. The NHS offers free smoking cessation help and advice, and there’s plenty of help for other vices on the Internet.


 Happy New Year to all our amazing readers!




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