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The cost of being a wedding guest

The cost of being a wedding guest

Transport + hotels + gift + outfits – it all adds up

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Receiving a wedding invite is a big deal. Tbh, any mail that isn’t a bill is cause for celebration. But a wedding invitation is extra special - you’re being asked to be part of the biggest day of someone’s life, which is always lovely and a huge honour.

But have you ever wondered just how much you shell out on someone else’s Big Day?

New research by One4all, the Post Office gift card, reveals how deep we're willing to dig in the name of love, and it turns out we’re a pretty romantic bunch! Image credit: Jay Seth Photography

Brits are willing to travel an astonishing 1,163 miles for a loved one’s wedding (more than the distance from London to Barcelona or Manchester to Nice!)
• 31% like the idea of a destination wedding
• 28% said they don't mind splurging on a special occasion
• On average, Brits are happy to invest £827.45 on being a wedding guest

So what are we spending the cash on?

Travel to the venue - £174.70
Accommodation - £182.79
Wedding gifts - £130.88
The perfect wedding outfit - £136.01
Beauty treatments - £104.08
Drinks - £98.99

Since the research was based on guests attending a classic English wedding, we imagine the cost would be ever so slightly higher for the multi-day extravaganza that’s typical of an Asian Big Day.

Still, what price to witness the magic of true love?


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