The Ultimate Indian Bride

The Ultimate Indian Bride

Your 16 step checklist for authentic bridal perfection

ARTICLE BY : Hanisha Sethi


Indian literature is replete with the term ‘Solah Shringar’ (16 Steps). You may have heard of the term in movies, songs or throughout the days leading up to your own wedding. 

But if you haven’t – fear not! It alludes to the ritual where the Indian bride is embellished from head to toe in 16 adornments to complete a bridal look. The modern-day bride may prefer a minimalistic look, however, adopting just a few aspects to complete their dress. 

Here’s your checklist for total bridal beautification:

Shaadi Ka Joda:
A bride's 'shringar' begins from the moment a woman selects her wedding dress..
Sabyasachi Charbagh Collection www.Sabyasachi.com

This is the styling of your hair. However a bride chooses to wear her hair on her wedding day, it's the accessories that adorn the look and really complete the style. Traditionally, buns and plaits were embellished with jasmine flowers because of their long-lasting fragrance. Below is an example of this beautiful, floral detail by Flower Art by Sidra. Look: Ganga Makeup

Henna defines celebrations and is considered one of the most important rituals of Indian culture. Applied always with intricate designs, it's this element that makes the bride look different from any other. Here, Jaya Mehndi, has created a floral, intricate design all the way up to the upper arms.

The meaning of bindis have transformed over time, traditionally only bearing religious connotations. They are the sacred mark of a married woman, and if white and dots are added along the eyebrows too, this accentuates its beauty.

Chura and Kaleere:
It's mandatory for a bride to wear bangles or kaleere, made from either precious metals or different materials. Traditionally, the bangles signified long life and prosperity in the marriage. These hand-crafted and delicate, kaleere are by Red Dot Jewels, with the pearls enhancing the bridal look.

A necklace a bride wears can feature as a centrepiece for the entire outfit. Traditionally made from gold, modern designs also feature bold colours and intricate detailing. This particular statement piece, from Goenka Jewels, marries old-world aesthetics with contemporary designs. 


Karn Phool:
Earrings are a vital part of bridal jewellery and usually complement the necklace worn, such as this piece by Toraan Design. Popular styles brides can choose from are bridal jhumkas and chandbalis.

This embellished belt is traditionally made from gold and precious gems. It was worn to accentuate the waist of the bride and also helps to hold a sari in place. This embellished belt (pictured) sits perfectly over a sari, and is by Red Dot Jewels.Look: Casipillai Designer Collection


Anklets with tiny bells make a beautiful sound for a bride's entrance. They can be made from either gold or silver and make a very delicate addition. The Payal pictured below, by Red Dot Jewels, enhance the mehndi designs on the ankle and feet.Mehndi Artist: Zonera Shah 

Brides may opt for a traditional armlet, made with gold or silver and worn on the upper arm. It's normally embellished with gems or pearls for a regal look. Diipa Kholsa showcases her Bajuband by Amrapali Jewels. Find out about all of Diipa's wedding looks here.Photography: Zohaib Ali

Maang Tikka:
An integral part of a brides ensemble, this accessory by Red Dot Jewels adorns the forehead of the bride, and is worn in the central hair parting.

Haathphool & Aarsi:
Beautiful handpieces can truly set off any bridal outfit such as the one pictured below, by Anees Malik. Aarsi refers to the special type of thumb ring with a mirror, used for the bride to try and catch a glimpse of her groom under her veil.

This ornament is usually worn in the left nostril, and gives the bride a traditional and ethnic look. Made up of gems, it can also be linked to a chain, fastened behind the ear as seen by this design by Goenka Jewels.

Makeup Look: Gini Bhogal Makeup

Used to accentuate the eyes, a modern Asian bride uses a bold, black eyeliner to create a statement look.

Makeup Look: Gini Bhogal Makeup

This is the red-coloured powder that's applied on the parting of a bride's hair by the groom during the marriage ceremony as the couple become unified. 

And finally, it's vital to pick up a scent for the long duration of the wedding rituals. Pick your favourite! Super vlogger Kaushal Beauty picked her favourite Jo Malone scent for her celebrations. 

Main Image Credit:
Sabyasachi www.Sabyasachi.com 

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