Centre Stage

Centre Stage

Elevate your wedding to the next level with Majestic Decor’s beautifully styled stages

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Pristine shades of white, cream and gold will leave you on cloud nine

Vibrant as they are, you don’t have to include all the colours of the rainbow to make a big impact when it comes to stage styling. Shades from the same side of the colour wheel can be just as striking, and creates a look that is all about sublime sophistication.
Taking design inspiration from the purity and elegance of white, while incorporating hints of neighbouring winter tones compliments and highlights the intricate craftsmanship of the stage. Flushes of mood lighting can infuse the space to coordinate with your accent theme colour, and allows the stage to become uniquely customised for each couple.
Each stage can be adapted to cater for different religions, cultures and ceremonies, demonstrating Majestic Décor’s flexibility and versatility. A concept as unique as this ensures the bride is always the focal point of the event; the highlight on a blank canvas. This style of stage is also easy to build themes around or adapt to different color schemes and fits well into any venue.
Furnish the space with plump cushions, fresh flowers and candelabras for comfort as well as refinement during wedding photographs.  Majestic Décor has a treasure trove of cushions, fabrics and props in their décor room allowing couples to come up with a look all their own. A stage as classic as this lends itself to vintage styling as well as extravagant touches.

This stage would work well in a venue with high domed ceilings or polished stone interiors, in keeping with the sophisticated look. Introduce a vintage twist by positioning cream roses and sweet pea arrangement around the area, or use soft furnishings and crystals to create an all out glamorous look. A white wedding cake would look at home in this setting.

Create an awe-inspiring backdrop to your nuptials with Maharani styling

Every bride wants to feel like royalty on her Big Day, and no other style of stage commands such extravagant splendour as this regal creation from Majestic Décor. Enlist a gilded and crushed velvet-effect stage like the one here to evoke a sense of status befitting a newlywedded couple.
Your guests will marvel at the artfully curved borders, delicately carved archways and sovereign-like thrones of this theme. The swathes of crushed ruby velvet used here can be replaced by a hue of your choosing, allowing brides-to-be to coordinate the stage to the outfit, makeup and theme. Hold centre stage with a commanding custom-built platform for resplendent wedding photography that will stand the test of time.
The advantages with commissioning a stage in this style is clear; you will remain the focal point of the day and the stage provides the perfect setting for receiving and welcoming guests.
Gentle lighting behind fabrics and archways creates a cultivated glow and gives the antique gold and soft furnishings an extra richness, all helping to creating an affluent atmosphere.
Couples can opt for one large curved stage or hire domed pagodas and clusters of silk-upholstered thrones and chaise lounges to personalise the regal stage. One of Majestic Décor’s premier stages, the team can offer ideas and inspiration to make this theme work seamlessly for your Big Day.

Working well with religious ceremonies, pair this stage with deep jewel-like tones of ruby, bronze and antique gold. Fabrics such as crushed velvet and chiffon create depth, while dotting floor cushions and flickering tea lights form new dimensions in a setting as exquisite as this. Finish with an exotic floral waterfall arrangement and Moroccan floor lamps.

Use swathes of bold colour to unfold a visually compelling story

Colour is crucial for any Sangeet event, with life and vibrancy providing the primary inspiration. Orange and purple are destined to be huge colour trends in 2014 and although no one can argue these hues are striking, especially when used together, the use of clever uplighting and careful drapery ensure that a bride and groom do not get lost amongst it. Majestic Décor will take the couple’s clothing into account when designing stages, and use complimentary shades to ensure they remain at the heart of the event.
Use of props and the attention to detail is imperative; here the company has used Moroccan lamps, patterned umbrellas, mahogany and copper accents and silk cushions to bring an eastern twist to the overall look. Atmospheric and full of mystique, this Middle Eastern themed setting is ideal for cosying up with friends and loved ones at an event as dynamic as the Sangeet celebrations.
Picture yourself reclining on a burnt orange throne, with your closest friends and family gathered around you, being intricately inked by an expert Mehndi Artist. For additional seating, why not bring in low level tables, sequined floor cushions and textured table cloths for a final outcome that is comfortable as well stylish. Finish the look with decorated rugs and paisley patterned umbrellas.

This look is all about excess, so incorporate clashing patterns, fabrics and colours for an eclectic look. Layer contrasting fabrics over each other and illuminate them with uplighting, lamps and tealight to create a gentle glittering effect. Food should be uncomplicated - plates of samosas, pistachio nuts and honey-soaked baklava dotted around the stage work nicely.

Take your cues from this cinematically creative setting

Draw inspiration from the visual beauty of Bollywood for a stage that’s full of wide-screen wonder. Fabric bound columns, flattering light pieces and elegant draping creates a setting that firmly places the spotlight on you and your leading man. Again, you could use the colours in your outfit to devise a coordinating colour palette for the stage, or go for a complete contrast to ensure you and your groom stand out against the décor. Use design-led props, such as footstools, chaise lounges, chandeliers and carved towers, and flood with bold lights to create intensity and depth.
Majestic Décor strives to design stages that are exclusive for every client, made easier with their extensive knowledge and collection of high-quality lighting and props.

As this look is all about drama, borrow inspiration from much-loved Bollywood films and the complex architecture and culture of the Subcontinent. Uplighters create a sense of theatre, while deep gemstone colours will emphasise a bridal gown in the same shades.  Use silver, shimmering crystal and throne-like chaise lounges dotted with soft velvet cushions to create a lavish feel.

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