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Just the two of us

Just the two of us

An elegant and regal Big Day

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Navita tied the knot with Amar at Guru Nanak Sikh Academy on 9th April 2016. She says: “Amar and I met at university. We were just friends at first, but as the years passed we became a couple.

When Amar did finally pop the question, it was private and intimate; just like our relationship. We went for a walk to a secluded part of The Royal Landscape in Surrey. It was bitterly cold, but we headed to a beautiful spot overlooking a lake. We sat together enjoying the moment before he turned to me and asked me to marry him.

We chose to keep our good news between our immediate family, which gave us a really special celebration free from social media interruptions and phone calls. We knew it was only a matter of time before wedding planning made things hectic!” THE BIG DAY
“Our Sikh wedding was at the Guru Nanak Sikh Academy in Southall. I arrived early and headed to the ‘waiting room’ where I had breakfast and took about a million selfies with my bridesmaids and family. When the time finally came to make my way to the Diwan Hall I was very nervous. I could feel my heart pounding the whole time, but the ceremony was beautiful and time flew by.”

“My bridal outfit was designed by Ekta Solanki. Finding my perfect outfits was simple, as I didn’t want the amount of choice to consume me. I simply explained my vision to Ekta and left her to create the masterpiece. Arpita Karania had previously done my sister’s wedding makeup and I was impressed with her finesse, longevity and quality of her work.”

“When it came to choosing our photographer, the brief was simple – we wanted someone who captured emotion and the mood of the moment. We loved how Rohit from Sai Digital caught epic scenes without being obstructive or intrusive. The fact he could speak Hindi and Punjabi to our elderly guests was also a big plus!” 

“We wanted the reception to be fun for our guests yet still really elegant so the theme was regal yet modern with plenty of red and gold. We wanted an intimate vibe so we had lots of real flickering candles and a mixture of statement centerpieces.

Amar and I had our own Sweetheart’s Table so we wouldn’t be stranded in a corner away from everyone. It allowed us to have a candlelit meal, but we were still approachable to guests, as well as giving us front row seats to the dance floor!”

“I went back to my parents’ for the doli. Although I was sad to leave home, I was so happy to be joining my husband’s family. They welcomed me with open arms and we finished the day with games and laughter. Finally, we made our way back to our hotel for a lie-down - happy but exhausted!”

THE BRIDE: Navita Tanda, 27 
THE GROOM: Amar Singh Jessel, 27 
MARRIED: 9th April 2016 
VENUE: Guru Nanak Sikh Academy & Radisson Blu Edwardian, Heathrow 
PHOTOGRAPHY: Sai Digital by Rohit Gautam, www.saidigital.co.uk, +44(0)203 828 7078  

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