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We did it our way

We did it our way

This couple prove you can have a perfect day without breaking the bank

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Ami Gujral married Shamil Pankhania in May 2016. She says: “After we got engaged in 2014, Shamil and I had a frank conversation on the kind of wedding we wanted. We realised we wanted our day to reflect us as a couple as well as individuals and that it should be a day that embodied the start of a marriage rather than just an expensive party. 

We agreed buying a home was the biggest priority, so only after we had the keys to our own place did we begin wedding planning."

"As a stylist and personal shopper, I’ve noticed when it comes to Indian weddings, there’s a misconception that the more money you spend, the better it will be. Shamil and I wanted to prove this isn’t the case. We knew this would mean putting in more time and effort but with a positive outlook, we knew we could have our perfect wedding without breaking the bank.”

“We held our wedding in May. As luck would have it, we had beautiful sunshine all through our wedding week. For the registry, we saw a number of venues but when we visited Millbridge Court, we just knew. It was the perfect blank canvas.”THE RELIGIOUS CEREMONY
“The religious ceremony was held in Hounslow Gurdwara, which played a huge part in my life when I was growing up, so I was thrilled we were able to secure it as our wedding venue. It was a serious and sombre part of the day where Shamil and I thought deeply about marriage and what it meant for us.”
“Zohaib Ali was the first person we booked. We decided to have our Gurudwara ceremony documented only with photos so Zohaib would have full reign and the freedom to move around to capture our special moments. As a keen amateur photographer myself, I believe photos are the most important take away, capturing the emotions and moments that you can add your own narrative to long after the Big Day. One of my favorite quotes is 'You don’t take a photograph, you make it'. Zohaib truly epitomises this through his work.”

The Bride: Ami Gujral, 27
The Groom: Shamil Pankhania, 33
Married: 27th and 29th May 2016
The Venue: Hounslow Gurudwara & Millbridge Court, Farnham
Photography: Zohaib Ali
• +44(0)7595 442 723



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