Beat the post-wedding blues

Beat the post-wedding blues

Here's how to get back to life after Happily Ever After

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


First off, let’s be clear about one thing - the post wedding blues is definitely A Thing! When the wedding bubble eventually bursts, coming down from such a huge high can take its toll. 

Lisa Johnson, Wedding Planner of Carmela Weddings says; “I’ve lost count of the number of couples (okay, brides mainly) who have spent over a year putting their all into this one important event only to find themselves a bit lost and bereft when it's over”.
Photo by Bhavna Barratt

Photo by Bhavna Barratt
It makes sense; you’ve spent nearly every waking moment planning your Big Day, and it's overshadowed and donimated nearly aspect of your life. And then, it's suddenly over - just like that. So how can you hang on to that magic for a little longer? Here are Lisa's top tips:

Put the honeymoon on standby
HRH Harry and Meghan did the right thing by delaying the honeymoon for a while. It gives you something to look forward to, and it definitely eases the post wedding blues because it’s not all over instantly. I recommend saving it for at least a couple of weeks, and having a mini break or staycation as a quick getaway after the nuptials instead.

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Spend time with your loved ones
Quite often your friends and family, who you haven’t seen for years, will have travelled for miles so the last thing you’re going to want to do is leave to go on honeymoon. Why not join in and save it for a time when everyone has gone back home?

Save for a bigger honeymoon splash
Sometimes choosing not to jet off straight away gives you more time to save up for extras such as lounge access or luxury experiences offered by your resort. While going back to work is undoubtedly a bump back to reality, it can have a silver lining. Lisa explains: "Work may not be able to give you more time off, or you may have to replenish your bank account before flying off to the honeymoon of your dreams. This can be a good thing; after all, no one wants to head to paradise only to feel stressed about the workload stacking up at their desk back home." 

Absorb the moment
Lastly, it’s fun hearing stories about your wedding from others in the days after. The day whizzes by in a flash so reminiscing with guests about what you didn’t see is all part of the excitement. You could miss that when if you fly straight off. 

Photo by Tatiana Gonzales
So take our advice and take measures against feeling those post Big Day blues. Fill your diary with exciting events and get togethers, see long-lost friends and family and properly defuse before you head on honeymoon. And then, once you're back - you can start planning the first anniversary party….

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