Why we hired SW Events

Why we hired SW Events

Hiring the luxury wedding planner was the best thing these couples did

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Got a wedding to plan and can’t even begin to fathom where to start? Neither did these three couples. Luckily they all found husband-and-wife team Ajay and LaToya Patel of SW Events, who used their creativity, contacts and expertise to help them plan the day of their dreams.

Here’s what three couples had to say about working with luxury wedding planners SW Events.

Charlotte & Manu
“We liked SW Events because LaToya isn’t Indian and while Manu is, he liked the fact that the company wasn’t too one-dimensional. It helped that Ajay and LaToya could point out the differences between what was religion, what was cultural and what was personal opinion when it came to an Indian wedding.

Manu and I both work full time, so while we had an idea of the bigger picture for our day, we didn’t have time to work out the details.SW Events found us great solutions. When you’re looking for a supplier, it’s about availability and cost. So just being able to give them a brief and getting back a shortlist of three options was so helpful – all you have to do is pick one. It’s like having an assistant.

Often we would go to SW Events for advice and use suppliers they’d worked with before, especially if we were indifferent about which company to go with. Ajay and LaToya were available whenever we needed to talk - even Friday nights. They are so efficient; you never have stuff waiting.

They went above and beyond, thinking about the little things that didn’t cross our minds. LaToya once messaged me saying “Oh we’re in IKEA shopping for your wedding…” and I was like, “Are you?!” “We’re going to get some candles and bits to make your theme better.” They were traipsing around IKEA because they had an idea of how to make our wedding better, not because I’d asked them to do it. They would come to us with cost-effective options and say, “We found these, would you like them?” They were the extra 10% that made our wedding.”Images by Chandan Sojitra


Anika & Nikhil
“Ajay and LaToya were prepared to adapt and meet the needs that were important to us. We wanted innovative ideas that would make our wedding personal. Ajay and LaToya quietly paid attention to what I thought were fantasy-level ideas, then would research and come back with a plan to make my wild dreams happen, all backed up with a cost-effective quote.One idea was an amazing custom-made comic book wedding favour depicting key moments in our relationship, and the custom-made Star Wars wedding suit lining. Nikhil showed off that lining in nearly all the wedding photos!

The priceless thing about SW Events is that you unload all the stress to the planners. On our wedding day, we just attended and had fun. Ajay and LaToya were available yet constantly working to ensure everything went to plan. Like stealthy ninjas, they found solutions to minor hiccups before anyone could even notice – think last-minute pen orders and scooping up a falling baby! Images by Sanjay Gohil
Our guests said they felt so welcomed, and that the whole day was so personal even though it was done on such a huge scale. Never had they felt so part of a wedding when there were so many other people there. 

Working with Ajay and LaToya was the best. I’m sure we drove them nuts on our WhatsApp group, but they were very patient with us and we loved the whole experience. Our wedding and reception were both held on the same day, which logistically could have been very complicated. We didn’t worry about it at all because we had SW Events.

Future couples can benefit from our hindsight. If we were at the start of wedding planning, knowing what we know now, we would have booked a Planner before anything else.

Every wedding is bound to be stressful at times but when that happened, there was nothing we couldn’t iron out with Ajay and LaToya. Everyone was free to speak their mind; it felt like more like planning with friends than suppliers. Working with SW Events was the best decision we made.”


Serina & Devesh
“SW Events helped pull off our dream wedding. The team was phenomenal in making sure everything ran smoothly for our wedding - which included 200 guests, four different events and two separate locations over the course of two days - no easy feat! The team were a dream to work with and had lots of expert advice to ensure everything was planned well in advance. We had absolutely no hesitation in handing over the reigns for our Big Day – we know you had our backs.

And when we did experience a few unexpected surprises during the wedding, SW Events handled it seamlessly. I can’t imagine how successful our wedding would have been without them. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you SW Events!”

Images by F5 Photography

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