A European Delight

A European Delight

Mehaik Dammanwalla Khan and Imaad Mohammed Khan brought a slice of Tuscany to their nikaah in California.

ARTICLE BY : Nupur Sarvaiya


Like in many modern stories, a dating app played cupid for California-based Mehaik Dammanwalla Khan and Imaad Mohammed Khan. “Imaad liked my story about how a bear broke into my family car during a camping trip to steal our leftover biryani in Yosemite Park and the rest was history. He says the first time he saw me, he knew I was going to be his wife.” After dating for three years, Imaad proposed by inviting Mehaik to a fake Christmas party at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. “On arriving, the hotel employees guided Mehaik to the ‘holiday party’. The pathway was decorated with rose petals and candles. As she arrived to the table with pictures of us on the table and screenshots of our first conversations on the dating app framed, Mehaik quickly realized ‘It’s happening!”

The venue

“We wanted an outdoor venue, but a place that had its own character and a story behind it. Westlake Village Inn did just that. The venue represented us in a way that really speaks to our passion of travel, elegance, romance, and intimacy of the wedding.”

The wedding

The nikaah, on August 29, 2020, started off with the groom’s vibrant baraat. The bride made her way to the altar with her father, Fayyaz Dammanwalla. A ceremony was led by an Imam that talked about the importance of being partners in the marriage. “There is a rasam, where after the groom and bride are married, a dupatta is placed over their heads and a mirror on both of their laps. The idea is for the couple to ‘see’ each other as a married couple is in the mirror’s reflection.”  

The planning

With Imaad’s mother and sister Nikki and Madiha Khan being renowned wedding planners and the names behind Exquisite Events, meant the couple didn’t have to worry about curating ‘Gram-worthy décor and design. “The venue provided us with beautiful Mediterranean architecture, olive groves, a man-made lake view and a golf course. The colour palette comprised creams and golds with a touch of green for a romantic vibe,” reveals Madiha Khan.

The photos

Since Mehaik works in a creative industry, finding the right talent for her wedding pictures was key. “I have been an avid follower of Vinuthna’s work on Instagram. Her artistic taste and the way she tells a story through her photos really resonates with me.”

The look

For the nikaah, the bride wanted an heirloom-worthy ensemble, and couturier Umar Sayeed brought it to life. She wore an ethereal ivory custom creation, where every detail on her outfit, from her head to her toe and even the beautiful mask, was hand-stitched with passion.  

The reception
The dinner reception hosted inside the wine cellar at the venue—a stunning space reminiscent of Tuscany. “Sweetheart table was set up with Chinaware, stemware and flatware with multiple votives—the effect was decadent. The room was a glow with tons of candles and amber lighting and was truly magical and so romantic,” reveals Madiha. The night was spent showering the couple with love from both families and an impromptu dance floor.


The Bride: Mehaik Dammanwalla Khan
The Groom: Imaad Mohammed Khan
The Venue: West Lake Village Inn
Photography: Vinuthna Garidipuri


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