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Amp it up!

Amp it up!

This new facial uses oxygen to revive skin to glowing perfection

ARTICLE BY : Kai Suede


Winter is hard on skin. Cold, rainy weather, coupled with the effects of round-the-clock central heating, not to mention the pollution that comes with living in a city, means that by the time Spring rolls around skin, especially the skin on the face, is in need of some serious TLC.

So when I heard about Arcaya Active’s new facial,that uses oxygen to infuse skin with healing, rejuvenating ‘ampules’ (serums), I was intrigued. Ampules contain phytoestrogens, peptides, vitamins, antioxidants and other advanced active ingredients in their purest form and highest possible concentration to ensure maximum efficacy and results.

The facial also comes with a micro-needling option instead of oxygen. However since this involves tiny spikes being rolled across the face (and I have an intense distrust of needles), I chose air over anxiety! The treatment is available at a number of London salons, including Le Beautique Spa in north London, where I went for my facial.The therapist assessed my skin and determined I have mixed skin type and my main problems are uneven skin texture and blackheads. She suggested using SOS extreme and Oxygen ampules for my treatment. SOS extreme helps with blackheads and inflammation, while Oxygenhydrates and smooths the skin. Formulated without parabens or mineral oils Arcaya Actives boast the same premium ingredients you’ll find in leading professional skincare brands.

The therapist cleansed my face, and then applied the first ampule with an applicator that blasts out oxygen to aid absorption. After doing the same with the second ampule, she laid on a collagen sheet mask and left me to relax for 20 minutes.

Post-treatment, my skin looked glowing and refreshed straight away. Even better, the therapist said that after a few days I would notice even better results as the contents of the ampules further penetrate the skin and activate.  This means from the moment you leave the salon to up to a week later, your skin is still being fed with vitamin-rich ampules.

It’s a pleasant non-invasive treatment. You can have it done before heading out for the night, or even your wedding eve, since some effects are noticeable immediately. If you have recurring skin issues that you want to sort out before you tie the knot, then booking in a course of facials is definitely the way to go.

Keen to try a fresh, new look this Spring? Le Beautique Spa is offering 20% off Arcaya Actives facials - just use the code ‘KHUSH 20’ when making your booking!

• www.arcaya-actives.co.uk

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