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Paradise Island

Paradise Island

Sublime Big Day and party looks inspired by the tropics

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


When the sun sets but you still want to smoulder, it’s time to turn up the temperature with your Autumn beauty look. Inject a pop of bitten berry on the lip, the ultimate partner to an immaculate complexion. Get this look by starting with a clean, flawless base, dusting gold shadow along the lid and into the inner eye. Lips are the undisputed centrepiece of the look, but eyes can still afford to be dramatic with heavy liner and black shadow, smudging a little under the lashline for extra effect. To finish, create a 3D pout with lip liner before bringing heat with a highly pigmented pink lip shade and seal with gloss.

Grown up glitter is easy if you know how. Skin still kissed from summer rays is pivotal to this girl-next-door look, so enhance yours with a few strokes of bronzer on the cheekbones and around the hairline to create definition. A clean base lays the groundwork for greatness so smooth on a liquid foundation which will allow you to build coverage until you’re happy and comfortable with the final result. Bring light with highlighter along the cheekbones, brow bone and adding a hint of glitter in the inner eye. Keep eyes as bare as possible, using just a hint of nude and plum shades to shape and define. Finally a plum lip with a velvet finish completes the look.

Break makeup rules with strong eyes and lips. Start with a moisturised base, smoothing on primer and fluid foundation to form a clean palette. A hint of bronzer under the cheek and at the temples enhances bone structure and gives you the chiselled cheekbones of a supermodel. The eyes are the focus of the look, framed with a blown-out smokey eye using deep black, red and purples before topping with kohl in the waterline and mascara. Complete the look with gilded lips and the merest hint of lip gloss. Perfection.

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