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Just Desserts

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While the wedding cake will be the centerpiece of your reception banquet, it’s more of a decorative and ceremonial piece – the wedding cake’s task is to look utterly sensational for that all-important cake cutting moment. And as exquisite as the cake may be, the flavours of one creation may not tickle all of your guests’ taste buds.

How do you solve this conundrum? By seeking the services of Indulge with Lancsco, the master dessert-makers based in Oldham who create mouth-watering cakes, treats and wedding favours for brides and grooms across the UK, all to a restaurant standard.

From custom-made dessert bars to glorious ice cream cakes, the team at Indulge can create whatever tickles your fancy – from edible inventions that wouldn’t look out of place in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory to traditional Indian sweets that pay homage to the Motherland.

Fact: cakes are gorgeous, and should be part of your five-a-day. While we wait for the health department to acknowledge our suggestion, there’s no reason why you can’t have five (or more!) deliciously baked creations at any of your special celebrations.

Some of the stars in Indulge’s cake line up include an intensely gooey chocolate sponge cake filled with chocolate ganache (for the chocoholics on your guest list), luxuriously rich cheesecake with a crunchy base and topped with crumbled Amaretto biscuits (for the grown ups) and a triple-layered strawberry and vanilla sponge sandwiched  with buttercream and finished with hundreds and thousands (for everyone).

It’s more cost-effective too; one of Indulge’s fudge cakes yields 22 slices, so the price per portion works out better than serving a individual piece of halwa.
Want to serve your wedding party something fancier? Thanks to their wide-ranging contacts in the catering business, Indulge can source hard-to-find and exotic ingredients to create fabulously luscious desserts.

From demure petit fours to delicate pastel macaroons to sharp tarts and pies topped with spun sugar, there’s something to suit every budget. The company evolves the concept of the dessert bar, moving away from been-there-done-that trends such as cupcakes and presenting new ideas from the world of confectionery.

Indulge’s dessert bars are loaded with pre-cut cakes, ice creams, addictive chocolate brownies as well as traditional Indian sweets such as kulfis, gajar halwa and gulab jamun. Sides such as miniature marshmallow, chocolate chips, nuts and fresh and dried fruit as well as sauces including caramel and butterscotch are on hand to customise your dessert precisely to your taste.

Indulge also offers a silver service option for more intimate gatherings, presenting high-quality treats in a sophisticated way to your guests. Trends in occasion desserts are moving away from cake pops and doughnuts and moving onto something a little more sophisticated, such as individually baked pies, tarts and small-scale celebration cakes.

Ice cream cakes are ideal for spring summer weddings, when chocolate can be a stickier and overly rich choice. 

Creating and designing delicious personalised chocolates as favours is how Indulge began life, and this arm of business is still going strong.

Favours come in a multitude of sizes, flavours (choose from milk, mint, orange, dark chocolate and mint crisp) and packaging options, allowing you to customise the sweets to your overall theme.

Give your guests one-of-a-kind after-dinner mints or chocolates after your reception dinner, or have chocolate bars (25g, 50g or 100g) made up for your younger guests, all wrapped in personalised packaging.

On a budget? indulge offer simple, non personalised chocolate Neapolitan squares. Additional options include chocolate cremes or hearts, wrapped in foil of your choice to match your wedding colour scheme.

Personalise favours with your names, the date of your wedding, a thank you message or even a photo that guests can take home and savor long after the happy day. 

Indulge with Lancsco
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