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The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard

What’s more luxurious than wearing gold? Eating and drinking it, obviously!

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Love the look of gold? Let's be honest, who doesn't?

If you want more than head-to-toe adornment for your Big Day, here's how you can incorporate the Midas touch to your food and drink. 

Available in a huge assortment of colours and flavours to fit your theme including rose, candy floss and champagne, these Love Heart Lollipops are the perfect treat for the young - and young at heart!
£20 for 10.

Give your event an extra-luxe edge with Smirnoff Gold (£17, www.tesco.com), a vodka inspired by the opulence of Russian Tsars. Garnished with edible gold leaf, the vodka comes in a delicious cinnamon flavour, making it ideal for warming Autumnal tipples.

Prefer vino to voddie? Then give Il Gusto gold cuvée (£13, www.selfridges.co.uk) a try. The German sparkling wine also contains 22-carat gold flakes. Chin chin!

Billed as ‘edible art’, Empire Chocolates brings a chic, new spin to our favourite guilty pleasure.
The company sculpts sweet treats using custom-made moulds before adding luxurious finishes such as gold leaf. Flavour combos include Oreo and sea salt and pistachio. Yum!

Just when you thought a Ladurée macaron couldn’t get any fancier, what do they do? Only top it with gold leaf, of course! We think these dainty nuggets will wedding favours your guests will fight over, £3.60 each.

Add glamour to your Big Day with a gold wedding cake. Vintage-themeing brides will adore Cake Maison’s metallic gold creation, which is artfully finished with fondant roses, daisies and jaunty cream piping. It’s fab for a registry or reception where gold is the theme.

While carrot cake is perfectly fine for an afternoon of wedmin with your ‘maids, for an event as glamorous as your wedding, only carat cake will do!
From the 24-carat edible gold leaf on the lower tier to the delicate sugar roses and leaves crowning the top, Rosalind Miller’s Golden Roses confection is a vision of gilded perfection.
We don’t say this often, but this cake might actually be too beautiful to eat! 

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