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toast master

toast master

Metro Gokal will keep your wedding on track

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Delays on your Big Day can have a domino effect and throw your carefully planned wedding completely out of sync. With hundreds of guests at a typical Asian wedding, getting everyone to pay attention to what’s going on can be a thankless task.
While some couples entrust family or friends to don the hat of -Toastmaster and shepherd guests around the venue, what’s really needed is a seasoned professional who won’t lose focus on the day and who can command a silence over a crowd in an instant.

What does a Toastmaster do?
Essentially a toastmaster announces key moments of the day to guests, but in truth the role encompasses so much more than that. From the Baraat right the way through to the first dance, they’re on duty to ensure everyone knows what’s happening at each point of what can be a long and eventful day. It’s an essential role that calls for excellent organisation, as well as a commanding voice.

Why should we call Metro the Toastmaster?
A professional toastmaster with the Executive Guild of Toastmasters, Metro has been officiating at Asian, mixed-faith weddings and award ceremonies for years and speaks an impressive five languages including Gujarati, Urdu and Hindi, making announcements that are easily understood by the  elderly and non - English speaking guests. His in-depth knowledge of Asian wedding rituals along with a naturally authoritative air and approachable nature makes him the perfect guardian for your guests on the biggest day of your life.

What makes him unique? Apart from his excellent multilingual skills, Metro can assist in a myriad of thoughtful ways on your Big Day. From coordinating with all your suppliers in a timely manner to teaching couples ballroom dancing to Bollywood soundtracks, to calming the nerves of speech-givers, Metro goes above and beyond the duties of a typical toastmaster.

Toastmaster Metro • Mobile +44 (0)7947 178 352 •+44 (0)146 2686 592 • www.mcmetro.co.uk

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