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Love is in the air!

Love is in the air!

Shropshire Petals reveals top five products

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Your wedding album will be filled with iconic shots - from the cake cutting to the first dance, the whole day will be made up of pinch-me moments. The confetti picture is one of those; a must-have snap for any newlywedded couple - so picking the right type that's kind to the environment yet still looks magical is important.

With many venues now requiring biodegradable confetti as standard, one of the best options is Shropshire Petals, which produces 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and natural petal confetti in a myriad of hues and styles.

The confetti experts (now there’s a job we’d love to try!) give us their top five products to make your confetti moment absolutely spectacular.

Confetti pops are the fun new way to do confetti 
 your guests will love them as much as you will. Simply have your bridesmaids hand them out to guests, pop the top and throw!

Confetti Pops from £2.50

Complete with 5 litres of confetti, this cute cream natural hessian bag is perfect for guests to grab a handful just before the throw. With two handles, the bag is easy for a bridesmaid to carry around to offer confetti to guests.

Hessian Bags from £60.50

Complete with 25 confetti cones in the colours of your choice and your unique confetti mix, the Shropshire Box is ideal to hold a cone for each guest. Visit the special offers section to get two Shropshire Boxes from £80.

Shropshire Box with 25 cones from £45

The confetti cone package is ideal if you already have a container you want to house your cones in.  Choose from one or two cone colours from our selection of 9 and your choice of confetti.  The confetti cone package comes with 10 cones and 1 litre of confetti.

Confetti Cones from £19.75 for 10
Individual sachets are perfect for attaching to the order of service or each seat for your guest to take after the ceremony.  Each sachet holds 1 handful of confetti – the perfect individual portion. 

Individual Sachets from £1.85


Now you can also make your confetti extra special by using Shropshire Petals Pick & Mix tool. Choose from an array of colours and petal types to match or contrast your wedding.

Now Khush Wedding readers can get an incredible 0% off orders over £50 by visiting www.shropshirepetals.com/khushmag


Find out more and book:

• www.shropshirepetals.com



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