Rima Darwash

Rima Darwash

Rima Darwash captures once-in-a-lifetime moments

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Finding a photographer for your Big Day is like auditioning for another member of the family. They’ll be with you from the very start as you get ready, until the final guests have left your reception, continually present but somehow becoming invisible to catch those blink-and-you’ll-miss-them moments.
These are powers on a superhero scale, but if there’s one wonder woman wedding photographer who makes the grade, it’s Rima Darwash.

Why Book a professional photographer?
"With high-tech cameras on the high street and cameras as standard for the majority of mobiles, the barrier between professional and amateur photographer is becoming more and more blurred. However, I know that experience is a huge factor in wedding photography. A professional will be ready for the unexpected - in fact, I thrive on it and have produced some of my best work when in extreme circumstances.
A professional will be able to produce beautiful images despite time constraints, poor lighting and adverse weather conditions.  A professional will have insurance, a contingency plan, back up equipment and a network of other credible photographers in place in case of emergencies. And  like many creative disciplines, a dedicated photographer never stops learning. I’m always honing my craft and adding to my skill set year on year through workshops, private tuition and group critiques with other photographers."

What are your career highlights?
"When I started out, there were so many obstacles in my way. It was the recession, I was trying to break into a male dominated industry, and a highly saturated market. But I wanted to travel the world and shoot beautiful weddings, I wanted to be in magazines and be recognised as a credible name in the industry. I’m extremely proud and humbled to be where I am today through sheer hard work and positivity."

What makes Rima Darwash photography unique?
"My creative background and past work on magazines has had an influence on my pre-wedding shoot work. I like to create concepts that wouldn’t look out of place in a glossy lifestyle magazine and I storyboard concepts with my clients before the shoot day. My previous shoots have involved planes, a yacht in Dubai, Paris in autumn and cinemas. “Lovedon” was one of my most recent shoots that got a lot of people talking – it was an editorial take on the stereotypical shoot around the capital." 

• Rima is in high demand and advises booking at least 6-12 months before the day to secure her services
• Bank holidays get taken very quickly so enquire even earlier to get the right date
• Want a pre-wedding shoot? Rima will work to bring all your photography fantasies become a reality

RIMA DARWASH • +44 (0)7849 169 068• WWW.RIMADARWASH.COMinfo@rimadarwash.com

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