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A Higher Love

A Higher Love

A spiritual connection for a happily ever after

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Shrusti married Amit Patel at Madhubhan Resort and Spa in India on 4th January 2016.

She says: “Amit was once wild. He used to be an Ivy League party boy who'd spent time working for the White House, Capitol Hill, and intelligence community. And then suddenly, he submerged himself into religion, becoming a Hare Krishna priest with the spiritual name Amitabha-Krishna dasa.

The first time we crossed paths was at the holy site of Vrindavan. Our parents, after hearing of our connection within the extended family friend circle, were intent on connecting us. Our first meetings were formal; we spoke about our spiritual lives. But over time, we became inseparable.

After we parted ways, we would speak or chat virtually all day and night. My family live in Kenya, and I studied in Australia where my sister lives; Amit’s family and friends live in America. As a middle ground, we decided to get married in Gujarat.”

The Big Day

“Our wedding was performed by a priest who flew in from Mumbai with his assistants. The ceremonies, based on Satkriya Sara Dipika, are practiced by Hare Krishna devotees around the world. As well as the Haldi, there was a Vedic bath of five elements soaked in clay pots, performed by female family members before the wedding. In this traditional vivaha-sanskara, there were elaborate rituals, more intricate than most Indian weddings.”

The Venue

“We chose the Madhubhan Resort and Spa as it’s the most highly rated venue in Gujarat. The five-star luxury hotel covers 22 acres and is truly one of a kind. We hired premier wedding planner Ankur Gor and his Tulip Touch team to plan the wedding. He designed a custom “Royal Theme,” which, according to him, was the grandest style the resort had ever seen.”

Cassidix Media Works was the perfect team for us. Not only were they very friendly, but also very professional. We were impressed by their huge portfolio and connected with them immediately.

THE BRIDE: Shrusti Patel 
THE GROOM: Amit Patel 
MARRIED: 4th January 2016 
VENUE: Madhubhan Resort and Spa, Gujarat, India 
PHOTOGRAPHY: Cassidix Media Works, www.cassidixmediaworks.in

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