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Crystal cake couture

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Cakes designed to be couture

Crystal Cake has been making asian wedding cakes with love since 2003, a tradition we now esteem and carry out with exceptional service for couples on their wedding day. You see, we take the privilege to be part of your very important day as though we were getting wedded ourselves.

Our work is now appreciated by several leading wedding planners who have given us the opportunity to work with them in top venues to create the dream weddings that their clients want.

We take your ideas and wedding wishes and make them come true for your special day. To achieve the perfect asian wedding cake, we ask you about your ideas on color, flavor and concept, before working with our caterers to create  you the perfect cake.  We are different because at Crystal Cake, we don’t just bake cakes, we package love in a way you can taste it.

At Crystal Cakes, we pride ourselves in providing a catering service that the customer is centered, ensuring that you are both satisfied and happy about our service. We ensure that your cake looks stunning, and tastes fresh and delicious, whether your concept is simple or unusually complicated we ensure that you have an exclusive cake and  a high quality service. We only taking a number  of asian wedding cake orders every season. You can be sure your wedding cake will receive all the attention and tender loving care it deserves to be unique and perfect. Our passion for art and design, a skill we share with our clients by creating new, unique designs that are well thought out and that also fit into the personality of the wedding couple.

Our Asian wedding cakes are always freshly baked using select ingredients. Additionally, the quality ingredients are handpicked to ensure the right taste and flavors are achieved. The Asian wedding cakes delivered by Crystal Cakes are are all handmade from start..

Crystal Cakes has everything you need to make a great impression with a perfect cake on your wedding day. To get your order in, you can use our online booking page where you will fill in your contact information, the number of people that will attend your wedding and the design you want-in case you have come up with a concept , then you can give us a call and we will schedule to meet you and understand your iidea and bring it to life. We will gladly help you come up with a concept that expresses your personality while at the same time impress your guests. Because we only take a limited number of orders each season to ensure we provide a high quality service  to each client, our dates get booked up very fast so please call us to ensure your date is available before placing an order.


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