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Satnam Photography

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Magical photograhy to last a lifetime

The photography is the only lasting memory you’ll have of your day, and if they don’t turn out as you want, your memories will be ruined. Anybody can take a picture, it’s more about the ability to capture the moment in the best possible way. Being able to look back at a photo in years to come, and it being able to take you back in time to that point is magical.

This is where I come in! My name is Satnam and I’m a photographer based in London. My only objective is to make sure my clients are completely satisfied with my service and that I am able to capture their most precious moments perfectly. From the first time you meet me to the time I delete your number (Joke, I would never do that) I aim to make the experience as professional, reliable and entertaining as possible.

I've built up my cliental base by being myself; entertaining, professional and creative. I base my photography on the relationships I build with my couples. The more you think of me as a friend, the better I can do my job. What I’ve noticed from the various weddings I've had the privilege to shoot, it’s easier for a person to be themselves when they're surrounded by the people they love but once you throw in a professional who’s staring them down with a huge lens, being yourself becomes virtually impossible.
When I'm in the midst of things, I’m loud when I have to be but when it comes to situations where I’m not needed, I’m discrete and hidden so that the moments I capture can reflect the way your wedding was seen by you and your guests.

My photos speak for themselves; I can’t tell you what a good photo is, but I can offer you guidance, expertise and most importantly, a service that will add to your whole wedding experience.


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