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Get ready for the REDVOLUTION

Get ready for the REDVOLUTION

Five stunning ways to achieve that rich, regal look

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Radiantly beautiful, reign with red

Strong, confident and regally beautiful, radiance is key to achieving a gorgeous Maharani glow.For long lasting lip colour, prep is crucial.

Start with a scrub to exfoliate before applying a hydrating balm then colour - three layers are best for colour that won’t shift through a day of laughing, smiling and eating.

Just because you’re wearing strong lips, it doesn’t mean you have to dial down your eye makeup. Go dark and dramatic with lots of liner, deep shadows and volume building mascara. 

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A luminous glow offset by double cut crease eyes

If your outfit or jewellery has fuchsia tones, let it inspire your makeup for a look that will turn heads.

Use highlighter on the cheekbones and on the centre of the chin for delicate structure. Create a double cut crease eye using deep magenta on the outer lid, nude in the centre and iridescent shades at the inner eye.

Make lips appear plumper by contouring them - simply apply darker shades in the corners graduating into a brighter tone at the centre. 

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The quintessential bridal look gets an update

The textbook Asian bridal look, this masterpiece nods firmly to tradition. This look is updated for the modern bride with traditional sensibilities.

Luminosity is the hero here, dressing skin in a satin-like sheen. Echo the gold and bronze in your saree or lengha by using the shades on the eyelids, starting with gold in the inner through to nude, taupe and bronze on the outer and in the crease. 

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Hollywood meets Asian decadence

A red modern elegant look is about keeping the makeup clean – think Hollywood meets Asian bridal decadence.

Keep the eyes simple, using just nude shades and shimmer. A great liquid eyeliner in stark black along the upper lashline will create a stunning almond shape, with heavy lashes completing the doe-eyed look.

Keep lips simple with a pop of bold ruby. Highlighter creates that soft, dewy look that’s forever been loved by brides. 

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A dewy bridal glow with a twist

Taking your cues from your wedding outfit and jewellery is one of the secrets to keeping your bridal makeup looking polished. For this multi-hued look, the jade in the ornate jewellery has been matched to the model’s eyes.

But if you don’t happen to have green or hazel eyes, you can still make this work for you by adding a shimmer of emerald liner along the lower lashline, parallel to the kajal in the waterline. Strobing works well here and it’s easier than contouring to master.

For the lips, again take inspiration from the outfit. In this case, the sari blouse with a delicate golden gleam is the perfect muse. 

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