Get in shape

Get in shape

5 ways to get seriously toned arms

ARTICLE BY : Amanda O’Hare


Don’t let bingo wings get in the way of your Big Day! Banish them forever with these quick and simple exercises, perfect for toning arms so you can wear your wedding lehenga with pride.

1. Swing, and you're winning
Using a 5lb dumbbell in each arm (or whatever weight you feel most comfortable with), lie on an exercise bench or flat on your back with your knees bent and your arms stretched out above your head. Keeping both arms slightly off the floor at all times, raise your left arm away from the ground and up above your head, keeping it completely straight the entire time. As you lower, start to bring your right arm up in the same motion.
Repeat 15 times for 2 – 3 sets, crossing your arms each time.

2. Do the superman
This exercise is as super as its name when it comes to toning arms (not to mention giving the rest of your body a serious workout!). Lie on your stomach with your arms and legs extended, keeping your neck soft and loose. Simultaneously raise your arms and legs several inches off the ground to form a U shape with your body and hold for several seconds.
Repeat 10 – 12 times for 3 sets.

3. Dip it low:
Tricep dips are a classic – and with good reason - they’re a fantastic way to tone and build muscle without bulking up. You can do them anywhere; from around the house to when you’re out and about in your local park.
Simply find a stable chair or bench and, facing away from it, position your hands behind you a shoulder width apart. Keep your knees bent at a 90 degree angle in front of you, and dip your body down, bending your arms as you do, then push back up to return to your starting position. Repeat the movement 12 – 15 times, keeping your body as straight and upright as possible to get the best results.

4. Dumbbell rows
Take a pair of dumbbells (the heaviest you can comfortably manage) and stand with your feet a hip width apart. Bend your knees slightly, push your hips back and tilt your torso forward. Lift your arms and bend your elbows out to the side, pinching your shoulder blades together.  Hold for a second before slowly lowering your arms back down to your sides, ensuring your movement is controlled and steady.

5. Dumbbell curls
This is another old favourite that’s quick, easy and ultra efficient.
Simply take your preferred dumbbell weights and stand with your feet a shoulder width apart. Hold your arms in front of you with your left arm bent at 90 degrees so it is parallel with the floor. Then bend your right arm up towards your shoulder, keeping both elbows tucked in by your waist. Lower slowly, then repeat on the same arm 8 – 12 times before swapping over to your left side.

Amanda O’Hare, personal trainer at Fitness First

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