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Recreate our winter cover look

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Winter is a celebration of vibrancy, with colours that thrum with intensity such as plum, midnight blue, gold and frosty white. We wanted to illustrate the richness of the season, which this stunningly ornate outfit from Gul’s Style does to perfection. Dazzling jewels from Jewels N’ Gems complete the look of polished glamour, while exquisite makeup by Joshiv Beauty International brings refinement into the equation.


The prestigious bridalwear emporium that is Gul’s Style, nestled in the outskirts of east London, was where we discovered this beautiful lengha, complete with a heavily embellished trailing jacket. Ideal for the winter months, the full-sleeved jacket offers additional coverage to keep brides warm throughout their Big Day. However, the practicality of the piece does not distract  from the painstaking craftsmanship and hand embroidery evident throughout. The intricate gems and threadwork, paired with 3D style of decoration, made it the only worthy choice for our winter cover. Delicate detailing on the cuff and collar of the jacket accentuates the Zari work, and provides an elegant setting for wedding jewellery on the wrists and along the collarbone.
 The Jamawar prints featured on the skirt provide an impeccable equilibrium for the richly embellished jacket and falls in an A line to flatter brides of all shapes and heights.
This magnificent four-piece lengha works very well paired with heavy ethnic jewellery and ornate American diamond sets for a bridal look all about timeless sophistication.  The embroidery, stonework and beads are hand stitched.

Outift: £4300

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• Gul’s Style
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With a bridal lengha as abundantly decorated as the one we chose from Gul’s Style, we were looking for accessories that would complement rather than overpower our front cover model. So we turned to Jewels N’ Gems for their expert advice and selected a gorgeous American diamond and onyx set from their extensive collection of wedding and costume jewellery.  
Offering a twist on the archetypal style of bridal jewellery, this set gleams with modern gemstones and adds a sophisticated sparkle to the overall look.  A pattern of delicate pear drops, similar to filigree designs, on the necklace adds to the refined feel of the jewellery and adds a gentle sheen to the silver of the set.
The fashion team chose pearl for an infusion of elegance for the headpiece ornament. Positioned on the centre parting, the headpiece completes the outfit by drawing the eye to the crown of the head and works well with the natural wave of the hair.
Ornate rings set with onyx compliment the necklace and earrings. As the wrists are already decorated with stonework on the sleeves of the jacket, simple bangles rather than a heavy stack adds demure grace.  
With plum tones prominent throughout the outfit, we decided to keep the tones in the jewellery simple to avoid a colour clash. The luxurious makeup also means jewellery should be present, but not the main focus.
The necklace sits beautifully against the neckline of the outfit, enhancing its beauty rather than competing with it. With antique silver embroidery featured throughout the lengha, we wanted a set that emanates quiet sophistication but shone brilliantly in their own right.

Necklace set, £180 (with earrings)
Pearl/Crystal bangles, £15.99
Crystal bangles, £15.99
Rings, £29.99 each
Headpiece, £25.99

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• Jewels N’ Gems
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Berry tones and antique gold inspired this winter fairy tale beauty look. Plum and blackberry replace tired and overused black for the smokey eye, creating intensity and drama. Joshiv and Amrit prepared the model’s skin by smoothing on a primer and MAC?Studio Fix Foundation for a radiant complexion. Using a contouring palette, Amrit applied the darker shades under the cheekbone and along the sides of the nose for definition. A flush of rosy colour was brought to the cheeks before a gleam of highlighter was blended across the top of the cheeks and under the eyebrow arch to achieve luminosity. Using a soft pink lip pencil, Amrit drew around the lip outline, a technique that prevents the lip colour from smudging, before applying a double coat of mauve colour for just-bitten beauty. Eyebrows were groomed and filled with a dark pencil for striking structure.

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Joshiv Beauty International
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