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Dressed Up

Dressed Up

be the centre of attention with the latest trends in stages

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


The art of event decoration can elude the most easy going of brides. The choice of wedding themes swing from the mystery of Morocco to the regal palaces of South Asia. On the next few pages you’ll find an array of props, staging and decor to kick start your inspiration and set you on track to a wonderful wedding.


Sing, dance, laugh. Bring family and friends together to sing throughout the night in this enchanting setting inspired by the colours of Bollywood. The soft padded cushions positioned above wooden benches encourages lively interaction, while curved arches and paisley shaped props are a photo-opportunity in the making. Soft mood lighting throughout creates a warm and welcoming ambience.


Arabian Nights
Atmospheric and full of mystique, the Moroccan lanterns and shisha pipes in this North African themed setting is ideal for cosying up to friends and loved ones at an intimate event like the Mehndi Party. 

A Queen’s throne
Imagine lounging on this burnt orange throne, with your closest friends around you, being intricately inked by an expert Mehndi Artist. Every bride deserves to feel like a Maharani on her Big Day, but why save the regal feel for just then?Waiters feeding you grapes are not supplied.Designed by Majestic Events and Decor.


Front and Centre
Hold centre stage with a custom-built platform. The advantages with commissioning a stage is clear; it will fit into the theme or colour palette of your Big Day seamlessly and you can make specific requests. However, Majestic Events and Decor has an extensive range of elegant ready-built creations waiting for an invite to your nuptials.

Marble Marvel
Enlist a white, marble-effect stage like the one below to convey a sense of majesty fitting for a newlywedded couple. Your guests will marvel at the realistic looking marble accents and delicately carved archways. The swathes of red chiffon can be replaced by a hue of your choosing, allowing you to coordinate the stage to your outfit, makeup and theme.

Designed by Majestic Events and Decor MajesticEventsAndDecor.com info@majesticeventsanddecor.com­­


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