Ask your videographer

Ask your videographer

Questions to ask your videographer

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


How long have you been filming weddings?
A. There are no second chances with wedding videography. Unlike a movie, the day will run its course without a director yelling for a second take, so you need to make sure your potential videographer has enough experience under their belt to catch those once-in-a-lifetime moments that once gone, are gone forever. Things like the way the groom’s eyes light up when he sees his bride, or catching those playful looks between family to tears during the speeches – those are the priceless moments you’re booking a videographer for.

Q. Do you have backup kit in case of failure?
A. What if the equipment breaks down, or a vital wire goes rogue? It’s worth asking what back up plan is in place in case of an emergency. Also check whether they need access to a room to store filming equipment as they may need to change recording gadgets throughout the day for different parts of the ceremony.

Q. What’s your style?
A. Ascertain your videographer’s style before putting down a deposit to get an idea of what your final film will look like. Will shooting style documentary in that your video will be filmed with dialogue and sound, or cinematic like a major motion picture worthy of the big screen? Vintage-style videos may be finished with filters or shot on 8mm tape to craft a nostalgic effect. Watch as many wedding videos as possible to find out what style you prefer.

Q. What music will you use to finish the film?
A. Music is the icing on the cake for any wedding video – it just feels wrong without it! Tell your videographer what kind of music you both love (and hate) to help them when they’re editing your footage. A knowledgeable videographer will have an extensive music back catalogue on hand to create just the tone you’re hoping for.

Q. When can I expect to receive my wedding video?
A. No one wants to be waiting months after the Big Day for their wedding video, so make sure you ask for a delivery date from your chosen videographer.

Q. How many crew members will be there on the day?
A. Since there will be so many things happening on the day, it makes sense to have more than one cameraman to cover all the bases, and all the angles. Just like a great photographer, the best videographers will make themselves invisible in order to capture those spontaneous candid moments.
Depending on how big your celebration is, you could have up to three operatives circulating at various spots around your venue, filming the action as it unfolds. Ask your videographer to work with your caterer or venue to set up a stationary camera for additional footage.

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