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H.O.M Productions

H.O.M Productions

Let the story tellers recount your Big Day

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


As any married couple will tell you, your wedding day will flash past in the blink of an eye. That special time in your life, that took so much planning and organising, will speed past before you know it. So wouldn’t it be amazing to have the ability to watch it over again, whenever the whim took you?

Who are the professionals?
H.O.M Productions is made up of a finely-tuned team of film graduates, who believe that wedding filmmaking - and story-telling - is an art form that deserves the same level of expertise as any major movie production.

They sound great! Tell me more 
Headed by Hari-Om, H.O.M Productions believes bespoke feature films are a chance for couples to remember their Big Day as the wide-screen romance it was. Using cinematic and documentary styles to tell the compelling story of your Big Day, H.O.M Productions specialise in creating beautifully emotive films that’ll give your favourite rom-com a run for its money.

What will my film be like?
Just as no two couples are the same, nor are any two films the company produces. There are no set templates, or package deals, because the emphasis is on the uniqueness of your story – not on delivering cookie-cutter videos.

Tell me about their customer service
The company is built around client service and you’ll have a consultation with the team to determine how best to capture your wedding. Each film is crafted perfectly for clients, ensuring you’re left with a film as refreshingly individual as you are. 

So, why pick H.O.M Productions?
Long gone are the days when wedding videos were shaky clips blighted by bad lighting and poor sound. H.O.M Productions are a new, elite standard of cinematographer who’ll tell your epic love story in the way it deserves. Your wedding film shouldn’t be an afterthought. Return to your Big Day through the expert storytelling of H.O.M Productions.

The man behind the brand, Hari-Om Mistry
“We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and ensure you’re involved from the start. H.O.M Production’s unobtrusive style ensures we capture spontaneous and natural footage. We offer quality without compromise and work efficiently and harmoniously with all your other service providers.”

H.O.M Productions • +44(0)779 1020 132 • +44(0)796 6023 019 • www.homproductions.com


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