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Jashn Films

Jashn Films

Coming to a big (or small) screen near you

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


With weddings as extravagant as they are these days, it’s easy to blur the line between reality and fantasy. The set, the décor, the flowers, and of course, the all-star cast make weddings rival anything you’ll see on the cinema screen.
For Jashn Films, they are viewed as one and the same. The master videographers have been capturing the live drama, laughter and tears of weddings across the UK for the past four years, giving them an unparalleled insight into what makes a wedding video a hit.

What's Jashn Films’ style?
Banish all thoughts of a Bollywood-esque production, because Jashn Films are as far away from those OTT movies as you can imagine. The team give equal attention to the small details, capturing the truth and beauty of the day using the latest equipment and techniques. You won’t find any highly choreographed, intensely re-coloured scenes post-production.

How might the final cut look?
Jashn Films believes that every film requires a carefully devised story flow, so the first thing they’ll do is arrange a face-to-face consultation to hear your love story and work out how to tell it in a way that reflects your personality. All editing is done in-house to safeguard that flow of creativity that Jashn Films holds so dear. The final film (you can find examples online) is engaging, a true reflection of your personalities, and above all, a pleasure to watch.

Why hire Jashn Films?
If you want an original film delivered by a team brimming with ideas, Jashn Films are your go-to guys. They’re deeply passionate about film and will treat your wedding like the event of the century it is. Your love story deserves to be told and savoured long after the Big Day – let Jashn Films tell it.

The man behind the brand, Guv Phull
“At Jashn Films, our approach is to learn as much as possible about you, understand your needs and learn exactly what you want from your wedding video. It’s important that you’re comfortable with us – that’s how we’ll get the best from you! We don’t believe in following a formula. Every film we make is as unique as you are.”

Jashn Films • +44(0)795 7385 695 • www.jashnfilms.com



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