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A Perfect Journey

A Perfect Journey

A pretty Big Day at the National Motorcycle Museum

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Maham married Masim Syed at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on 12th June 2015.

She says: “Masim and I chose to have a traditional arranged marriage. At the first meeting, Masim visiting my home with his parents - to set the scene, our parents chatted in one room while in the next, Masim was cross-examined by my three sisters and brother-in-law. He managed to survive and we dated for a year before deciding to get married. Both sets of parents had already arranged weddings for our older siblings, so we let them take charge of our Big Day.

The aim was for everyone to feel relaxed and enjoy the day. As such, the decor, food and timings of the day was all handled by Sapna caterers. Masim’s parents found our unique venue, which worked location-wise and for its capacity - we both have huge families.”

The Mehndi

“We had a joint Mehndi making our entrances alongside a dhol player and surrounded by family members. Our guests performed dance-offs against each other for our entertainment throughout the evening. The event décor and food was handled by Sapna, going for a Moroccan theme with lots of lanterns and throw pillows. Everyone had an incredible time!”

We decided on a light, white theme, complemented with plenty of fresh floral displays. 

From our first meeting with Zehra, we instantly felt comfortable in her approach and style. And looking at our beautiful album, we're thrilled we followed our instincts and trusted her expertise.

The Bride: Maham Hadi, 25
The Groom: Masim Syed, 27
Married: 12th June 2015
Venue: The National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham
Photography: Zehra Jagani, +44(0)7939 892 511

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