11 Beauty Products With Calming Essential Oils For Every Stressed-Out Bride

11 Beauty Products With Calming Essential Oils For Every Stressed-Out Bride

Unwind and relax as you indulge in aromatherapy to calm your nerves before the big day.

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Wedding planning is chaotic, frantic and overwhelming. While the preparations are extremely important, it is always equally essential to take out some time for yourself. Disconnect from the mayhem and take time to relax, detox and breathe—and we promise, you’ll be able to take the next day head-on. Meditation is a quintessential part of the process but combining it with an aromatic oils can be the icing on the cake.

Fragrances play a pivotal role as a mood changer and uplifter. The right perfume fragrance can put you in the mood to party or just get ready to conquer the world. Essential oils have a similar impact, except they help bid adieu to your stress levels. So, if you’re a stressed-out due to wedding planning, essential oils must be added to your relaxation routine. With their therapeutic nature, they work wonders to relieve stress, calm the nerves and leave you with a soothing feel-good vibe.

As the big day gets closer, it’s time to make an effort to squeeze in time for self-care. If you’re ahead of the game and already have that incorporated into your schedule, here’s our edit of the best essential oils for you.

1.Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood is known for its multiple skin benefits. However, its soft and sweet fragrance has also been beneficial during a time of stress and anxiety. With a heartwarming effect, it is instrumental in easing mental stress and fatigue.
Tisserand Aromatherapy, Sandalwood Essential Oil, £70.75

2. Stress Fix Composition Oil

An ideal pick for the bride who dreams of radiant skin. With a lavender aroma, the Stress-Fix™ Composition Oil from Aveda not only leave your skin with natural radiance but also helps to reduce stress levels.
Aveda, Stress-Fix™ Composition Oil (50ml), £24

3. Oil Bath for the Senses

Every bride craves some me time and self-pampering. So, enlighten your senses as you take a hot water shower with the decadent fragrance of lavender and ylang ylang. Rest your mind and simultaneously nourish the skin for spa-level results.
Susan Kaufmann, Oil bath for the senses, £50

4. Peony and Blush Suede Bath Oil

A sumptuous bathing treat for brides, the Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede Bath Oil boasts a fragile scent of jasmine, rose and gillyflower. Enriched with jojoba seed and avocado oils, it nourishes the skin while relaxing your body.
Jo Malone London, Peony and Blush Suede Bath Oil, £48

5. Soothing Botanical Oil

Sit back and relax, whilst the aromatherapy blend helps to soothe sensitive skin leaving it hydrated and glowing.
Bespoke Aroma, Soothing Botanical Oil, £17

6. Essential Oil Blend

You can get the best of aromatherapy with a candle or a mist diffuser. Spend some time in the comfort of your room and indulge in a meditative aromatherapy session. This oil blend with a delightful scent is sure to help you relax while giving you a little boost of energy.
Boucle, Essential Oil Blends, £10

7. Pure Tea Tree Oil

Sometimes all you need is self-care. Calm your nerves and pamper your skin with this Pure Tea tree oil for a rejuvenating effect.
Miaroma, Pure Tea Tree Oil, £13

8. De-stress Body Oil

Are you physically exhausted? Do you have aches and pains that require extra care? Then Aromatherapy Associates’ luxurious De-Stress Body Oil is all you need. Infused with Arnica Montana flower extract, rosemary and the exceptional benefits of ginger, it supports healthy circulation to revive overused muscles while nourishing the skin, leaving it silky smooth.
Aromatherapy Associates, De-stress Body Oil, £47

9. Ultimate Calm Collection

It’s natural to experience a burst of emotions before the D-day that often lead you to feel overwhelmed when you wake up. And this is an indicator to take a moment for yourself and indulge in self-care with this trio that includes a shower gel, body oil and mind roller ball to help you recentre and melt your worries away.
Aroma Therapy Associates, Ultimate Calm collection Oil, £100

10. Balancing Essential Oil

Enriched with an uplifting and warming blend of fennel, jasmine, and lavender pure essential oils, this blend will help alleviate anxiety. With soft floral notes, it works well to soothe your nerves.
Pure Aroma Therapy, Balancing Essential Oil, £25

11. Essential Oils Blend Set

Sometimes you don’t need just one essential oil, but a blend of a few for a new experience each day. This set of oils adds relaxation and peace, helping you feel calm and relieve some of the stress acquired over the day.
Home Luxury Point, Essential Oils Blend Set, £15.99


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