Want To Try Keto Diet Before Your Wedding - Here’s Everything To Know

Want To Try Keto Diet Before Your Wedding - Here’s Everything To Know

A comprehensive guide on following a keto diet before your D-day

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Weddings are one of the happiest days of a bride's life, and with such an important event comes incredible pressure of being your fittest. With all the wedding preps in full swing, brides often lead their diet plan for only the last few months. “Brides usually go on a diet just two months before their wedding and end up looking sallow, frail and not glow-y. But it is ideal for them to start their diet plan 6 months before their wedding day. Pick a nutrition plan you can stay consistent with. But I recommend all my brides to eat clean, which means eat a lot of veggies and limit the potato, and eat two servings of fruit a day with a lot of berries. Make sure you have enough protein, nuts and seeds. But definitely limit grains that’s the weight loss trick. Avoid wheat, roti, diary and rice because that’s when you put on a little bit of weight,“ says fitness expert Sumaya Dalmia. And limiting grains is the starting ground if you you’re looking to try the ketogenic diet too.

What is ketogenic diet?

Over the last few years, the keto diet has gained a lot of traction as a popular lifestyle choice. But what exactly is keto? The keto diet is designed around your body being in a ketogenic state, wherein the body burns carbs and then starts burning fat. It is low on carbs and high on fat that makes your body uses fat as fuel, as opposed to using carbs as fuel. Through the diet you trick your body into using fat for fuel by depriving it of carbs that ultimately break down into sugar and give you a burst of energy. It takes anywhere between two to three weeks for the body to reach the 'ketosis' state. However, the diet is not only about eating meat, it incorporates good fat like paneer, avocado, almonds and dairy.

Well, while it may not be the latest fat-buster on the block, the keto diet is surely getting super popular in the fitness circles especially among the meat-lovers. But brides always wonder whether it’s the right step to take to speed up the weight loss journey. Unlike a crash diet, the keto diet (if started well before time) will help you get in shape. So, if you are thinking of giving it a go to get fitter or just as an excuse to eat lesser greens, or just curious it know if the keto diet is right for you? Read on for details!

How should you start a keto diet?
If you want to shed a few pounds and up your protein levels, then give keto a try. Before starting the keto diet, it is advised that you visit a professional dietician who can guide you through the process. To help you maintain consistency, it is a good idea to download an app that can help you track your progress. The diet, over time, leads to automatic reduction in appetite, triglycerides, blood sugar and insulin levels. Eliminating carbs for your diet can even sometimes help you lose weight faster than otherwise. Research has shown that the keto diet works better for women’s bodies, as they process and store fat differently. And don’t forget to keep track of your weight loss journey over time.

What are the cons of following the keto diet?
Yes, the keto diet is great for weight loss and following it over a period of time has been life-changing for many. But just like everything in life, it has its own cons. When it comes to your D-day, every bride dream of clear skin with a radiant glow, however, the keto diet can be a hinderance to flawless skin. "The keto diet has a major issue with it—it often requires high dairy intake with cheese, which can trigger acne. I have seen many brides and grooms get acne right before weddings due to a keto diet,” shared dermatologist Dr. Kiran Sethi.  She further added, “If you can do keto without dairy (that includes whey or casein based protein powders), then a keto diet can help you drop weight, although it might make you much angrier to go without carbs. If you are going to do keto, start at least 3 months before your wedding to get the best benefits, as the first few weeks are the most stressful."

Are there any concerns you should know about?

Keto-‘flu’ is a popular term amongst those who have tried the diet, and yes it happens. Dizziness, nausea, brain fog and anxiety are the major symptoms. Along with keto-fever here are a few other risks you must watch out for:

-    Being high in fat it can be associated with an increase in cholesterol and heart disease.
-    Your metabolism rate is boosted with a keto-diet that can overload the kidneys to metabolize protein.
-    The keto diet also lacks a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains making it nutrient deficit leading to a number of deficiencies including selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamins B and C, and may also cause constipation.
-    And lastly, it can lead to mood swings due to its low-carb nature that may cause irritability. A bride is likely to feel a whole lot of emotions and mood swings are the last thing you’d want during your wedding preps.

For the long term, it is a difficult diet to follow, but there are modified versions which can make the task easier. So while it works well for others, for some it may not be the best option. It is advisable to consult an expert before starting the diet.


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