Inside The Life Of Pooja Hegde, The New Dream Girl

Inside The Life Of Pooja Hegde, The New Dream Girl

Get to know the actor in action and behind the scenes.

ARTICLE BY : Suhani Lotlikar


Looking back at Pooja’s filmography, I was hoping to find a big, life-changing moment that put her on the glorious path of success that she is currently on. Having miserably failed to put my finger on it, the reality of who, what and why she is who she is today hit me in the face like the June sun. It is an undiluted mix of passion and persistence, there truly is no secret ingredient.
At the risk of sounding a tad bit cheesy, Pooja confesses that her love at the moment is all for her art. In this part of her life, she says “I just genuinely want to tell more stories, especially for women. I’ve always watched films and thought that I would like to see someone like myself represented in cinema and have people connect with you.” She continues to show gratitude while channelling her main character energy in the most subtle ways throughout our conversation. Her eyes brighten up like that of a child in a candy store, “It was destiny that brought me to films,” she says tracing back to the point of where it all began. “Just the whole art form that is filmmaking, it’s like the closest thing to magic I’ve ever seen and the more I get into it, the better it gets. I remember watching my first film in the theatre and just thinking that, wow, all these different shots that were taken from different angles have come to this. It was just a process that I fell in love with and that’s magic.” The girl who grew up watching dreamy stories on screen is now adding her own flare and creating her own buzz.


The Year Of Pooja

With a schedule as packed as the thriving actor, one can only imagine having a relaxed conversation over a cuppa about love and life among other things. But Pooja never seizes to surprise with her sheer dedication to her job and willingness to go the extra mile. When asked about what her next big performances are all about, the actor shared, “I think this year is all about choosing films that tell you about who I really am as an actor. That’s why I’m really picking, choosing and trying to kind of create the best line-up of roles possible, which is experimental. I just want to make films that make my soul happy this year. As an actor, creating good content out there and just telling stories that are true to who I am and what I think films can be is really important.”

A sign of an artist on a journey to find their niche, Pooja is bound to take over the industry, one step at a time. We may soon see the actor’s career branch out to an OTT production and give us a performance to dwell on in the extended story-telling format.

Fashion Firsts

Pooja’s big debut on the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival this year brought her personal sense of style into the limelight. While the looks that were originally planned for her had disruptive plans of their own, the fashion girl made head turns in a pink Maison Geyanna Youness gown. A well-fitted style for the actor who possesses a natural soft glam look, larger-than-life gowns have since become the first pick for events. Looking back on the big moment, “Honestly, I was so nervous getting to the point of hitting the red carpet. But when I was there, I suddenly just felt so zen. They were playing loud music and there were photographers on both sides, which is kind of different from what we have here in India. Something took over me and then I remember realising that I has reached the end. I looked at my stylist and said ‘that was quick’ and he responded ‘you’ve been there for like 15 minutes!’ It all flew by so quickly.” Pooja also paid homage to the heritage craftsmanship of India by choosing a gorgeous Tarun Tahiliani cape set.

Behind the scenes, in between costume changes and red-carpet appearances, Pooja is all about the classic styles. “I always resonate with something classic because I feel like something timeless can stand the test of time. You look back on it and be like, wow, it never ages. So, I think always go classic is something that I would always say. Since I travel so much, comfy PJs, cargos and a really good white shirt are my top three essentials. I love a good old blazer that can transform any casual look into a dressier, finished look.”


Girl On The Go

Amidst the chaos of ever-changing shooting schedules, locations and long working hours, fitness enthusiast Pooja has hacked the code to her health. “When I’m shooting, I wake up in the morning and I train no matter how early it is. I hate going to the gym and I would totally skip it if I could. But slowly it has become a part of who I am and apart from all the excuses I could make up to not workout, I prefer ticking it off my list of things to do first thing in the morning. I’m a workaholic and I love being on set. But as I am hopping between Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai currently, I have come to realised that moving my body is important for my mental health too.”

From being someone who felt guilt in taking time off to now taking off on city escapes, the actor has come a long way in understanding what her mind and body truly needs. “It’s a constant work in progress. Taking care of yourself and taking breaks is as important as hard work to maintain the quality of your work.” Fans will see Pooja getting on a flight to London this winter for another memorable Christmas with her friends and family.

Wardrobe: Seema Gujral
Jewellery: Parekh Ornaments

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Assistants: Bhavya Jain, Nastaran Shirazi
Location: British Residency, Hyderabad
Production/Coordination: Tript Dhawan



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