8 Bridal Red Kanchipuram Silk Saris To Curate A Timeless Wedding Wardrobe

8 Bridal Red Kanchipuram Silk Saris To Curate A Timeless Wedding Wardrobe

Add These Heirloom Creations From Casipillai Designer Collection To Your Trousseau Now.

ARTICLE BY : Nupur Sarvaiya


Primary shades, soothing pastels and striking metallics are all fantastic, but a classic red sari is a key building block of any bride’s wedding wardrobe. And if you’re looking for a heirloom-worthy option, then simply tap into the fail-safe charm of a red Kanchipuram silk six-yard staple. Whether it is the luxe nature of the silk textile or its timelessness, a red Kanchipuram silk sari will be a winning choice for any of your special occasions, be it your engagement ceremony or pheras.

Don’t know where to procure your pure silk sari from? The UK-based Casipillai Designer Sarees will become your go-to for your most precious wardrobe investment. Since its launch in 2006, founder and designer Subee Sudharsan’s pure silk saris have been widely appreciated for its authenticity. “My mission is to help our valuable clients curate the most beautiful sari collection that can be passed down to generations. The idea is for every Casipillai sari to be the most memorable and significant sari, a woman could ever wear in her lifetime. Today, it’s humbles me that Casipillai Sarees have touched most of the continents around the world,” Subee shares.

Something For Everyone

Each Kanchipuram sari from Casipillai Designer Sarees tells a story and prides itself on finesse and purity. “Our saris are all designed to enhance the sheer beauty of women through its sheer brilliance of colours, design and style. We offer each client with fabulous saris made from Kanchipuram, an alluring pure silk material filled with richness and exquisiteness. The weave hails from the temple town called Kanchipuram in South India,” explains Subee. “Each drape has a magical merging of art, culture and embroidery. My designs are greatly influenced by her great passion in Indian arts and creative patterns, which make them so exquisite and detailed that they are masterpieces themselves.”

A Wide Variety
Casipillai Designer Sarees is committed to providing a wide array of authentic, hand-woven Kanchipuram collection. If you’re looking for a minimal sari, you can opt for one of their fully plain saris with no border, known as Borderless Kanchipuram saris. Brides who want to go all out can opt for Kanchipuram saris with beautiful silver or gold borders, which start from 5 inches. Casipillai Designer Sarees’ 12-inch border drapes, where motifs are spread out or close to each other, are their bestsellers. Their red saris come in several shades of the palette too, from traditional sindoori red and crimson to a modern marsala and cherry. You can also get your very own exclusive design from Casipillai. “We also offer our customers a distinctive opportunity to custom make sari. To bring a bride’s dream to life, we help him decide on colour, concept and design.”

Scroll through our gallery to shop their bridal red Kanchipuram silk saris.

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