Winter 2015 COVER LOOK

Winter 2015 COVER LOOK

We Guide You Through The Winter 2015 Look

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah



A?Sublime Look for the Strong, Stylish Bride
Beloved by Bollywood royalty and other household names, Anamika Khanna is one of India’s biggest fashion stars, making her mark with wearable luxury bridalwear. As the pioneer of figure-flattering couture pieces, Anamika is the designer responsible for bringing the Dhoti saree to the world’s fashion consciousness. So naturally, the design legend was the sole choice for our Winter cover. This heavily embellished skirt, sitting high on the waist, and the bandeau top is the last word in sublimely radiant bridal style.
The gorgeous ensemble is balanced with a floor-length ivory chiffon cape, kissed with the merest touch of stitchwork and gilded beads around the collarbone and shoulders. Elegant and full of effortless grace, the look, styled by Aashni + Co, is a complete departure from our regular covers. Rest assured that this is intentional. We wanted to illustrate the new, sophisticated way to do Asian bridal, that your outfit is only as strong as the woman wearing it, and that while red will forever be tied to weddings, this is for the bride who is unafraid to stay true to her own style.

Aashni Shah
Aashni + Co is one of London’s most sought-after destinations for luxury Indian fashion, and has garnered attention and rave reviews from the fashion elite and celebrities across continental Europe as well as in the UK. The second Aashni + Co Wedding show will take place in The Dorchester, Mayfair on January 10th 2016.
This isn’t the first time we’ve featured an Aashni + Co outfit on our cover. The first time was in Summer 2014 when model Tia Ward wore an exuberant Tarun Tahiliani lehenga. The sunny shades make an immediate impression, and teamed with the brocade blouse and gem and zardosi skirt, it reflects the modern love story.



Understated Ornaments Highlight Exquisite Beauty
Obliterating the idea that bridal jewellery must involve all the bells and whistles, we chose to include the slightest hint of jewels to our front colour look.
Amishi London was our choice of jeweller. The brand specialises is dainty but luxe ornaments that complement, rather than overpower the wearer - ideal for the bride who believes less is more.
Crystal, pearl and emerald-coloured gems bring a gentle infusion of colour to the ears, while an oversized cocktail ring embedded with a pearl finishes the look. And that’s simply it. Our model is not dripping in heavy jewels, but wearing the pieces with confidence, allowing her natural enigma to shine through.

The Jeweller
Amishi, the eponymous label named after the designer, was founded with a passion to create handbags and jewellery for the modern bride who has style and substance in equal measure. The desire for balance is the driving force in designing accessories that complement simple outfits. The vision has always been to make jewellery and handbags that will be handed down through generations. The regal essence of the brand conveys the spirit of royalty to strong, passionate women who wear them. They are eternal pieces.



Natural Beauty Shines Through
For years brides have worn makeup as ornate as their outfits on their Big Day. While we’re the first to say there’s nothing wrong with dark eyes and velvety lips, this cover called for a pared back look to complete the style of the bridalwear.
No makeup makeup calls for a tremendous amount of skill. It’s one thing to layer on the foundation and mascara, but to successfully achieve a truly natural look requires a level of knowledge that only comes with experience. Bridal hair and makeup artist Gini Bhogal is one of the most established professionals in the UK, with a flourishing career spanning more than a decade. Her skill is second to none, as demonstrated by the delicate, natural look on the cover. Base just where our model Sundal needed it kept the look flawless, while her cheekbones were highlighted with the gentlest hint of rose blush. Highlighter enhanced Sundal’s golden brown skin while matt, nude lips finish the minimal look.

The Hair and Makeup Artist
In demand for well over a decade, Gini Bhogal is one of the premier makeup artists the UK. Dressing countless brides from all corners of the world, including Milan, Switzerland, Mombasa, India and Germany, Gini is an artist at the pinnacle of her career who shows no signs of slowing down. From catwalk shows to private celebrations, Gini’s repertoire of work showcases her masterful dexterity and skill as a hair and makeup artist. Our brief for the front cover makeup was one we knew only she could answer.


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