10 statement earrings from Red Dot Jewels to add to your jewellery collection

10 statement earrings from Red Dot Jewels to add to your jewellery collection

From elegant hoops to traditional polki pieces, these earrings are a must-add to your collection

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Earrings are undoubtedly the easiest and most versatile pieces of jewellery to add to your outfit. And if you pick out the right ones, they can instantly elevate any ensemble by giving it a fresh look. So, whether you’re a bride-to-be, someone looking to give your festive style a refreshing twist or simply a earring hoarder, we suggest adding some statement creations to your jewellery box.

From traditional to contemporary, kundan to semi-precious coloured stone pieces, here’s looking at some of the best earrings by Red Dot Jewels that you can buy today.

1. A Burst Of Colour

The easiest way to add colour to an outfit is with accessories, especially earrings. Pair these statement earrings with a monotone outfit to punctuate the look with some colour.
3 Tier Triangle Earrings, £45

2. Mother Of Pearl

There’s something graceful and elegant about pearls, so get heads turning as you opted for a pair of statement hoops, like these, for your next outing.
Mia Hoop Earrings, £45

3. Shine and Dazzle

Sometimes all you need to take your look a couple of notches higher is with a little sparkle. These chandelier earrings will add the right amount of drama and shimmer to complement any ensemble in your wardrobe.
Iris Chandelier Earrings, £72

4. The Elegant Pick

Showcasing intricate filigree work, these contemporary earrings can instantly glam up both Indian and Western couture. The black stone makes it a unique choice to your other traditional earrings.      
Ariya Earrings, £49

5. Keeping It Traditional

Polki jhumkas are a jewellery box MVP. Any woman’s collection is incomplete without a pair of these classic earring style. Breaking the monotony in these jhumkas are the semi-precious green gemstones, which also add a royal touch to the creations.
Saatchi Earrings, £255

6. A Rustic Twist

Let your diamonds sparkles but with a twist—an iodized finish and pearls. They guarantee elegance and poise no matter your choice of outfit.
Tree of Life Earrings, £75

7. Versatile Choice

When it comes to Indian couture, chaandbali earrings will be your best friend. Lightweight, stylish and chic, these are sure to amp up your ensemble. Bonus? They transition seamlessly from day to night!
Rajkumari Earrings, £58

8. Make A Statement

Oversized precious stones are always a good idea if you want to make a bold statement. The versatile colour play of rose gold and grey will allow you to effortlessly pair this with any outfit in your wardrobe.
Anita Earrings Laborodite, £70

9. Colourful Elegance

When white sparkling stones and green precious stones meet, magic is created. An evergreen combination of diamonds and emeralds never fails to impress.
Rikee Green Long Earring, £90

10. Boho Chic

As spring fills the air, it’s time to pull out your long chic maxi dresses, and nothing complements better than antique silver earrings. So, channel your boho chic look as you pick these gorgeous danglers.
Lotus Enamel Danglers Blue, £75

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