16 Gorgeous Engagement Rings For The Millennial Bride

16 Gorgeous Engagement Rings For The Millennial Bride

From The Various Options To Trending Styles, Here’s Your Complete Ring Guide.

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A symbol of your commitment, a reflection of your personal style, a precious jewel and a possible heirloom, your engagement ring is one of the most meaningful purchases you’ll ever own. So, how do you buy a piece that best describes you? It’s a tall order. It is why we spoke with four jewellery experts to share their inputs on everything. From what metal to choose to diamonds and colour stones you can buy, the jewellers share it all. All you need to do is say Yes to your favourite forever ring.


The New Collection

“Platinum Days of Love by Platinum Guild International - India is a branded category that offers intricately designed platinum love bands for couples. Our latest range is a special collection with modern design sensibilities. The design narrative is understated, and features on-trend latticework, textured motifs, twin anchor hearts, overlapping metal finishes and more.”

The Rarity

“Whether a grand affair or fiercely intimate, an engagement is worthy of something exceptional. This is where platinum comes in. A celestial metal that’s 30 times rarer than gold. Another unique quality is its ability to remain unchanged through time and circumstances,” explains Sujala Martis, Director, Consumer Marketing, PGI India. Celebrity patrons include Priyanka Chopra, Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande.

2022 Ring Trends

“Bands with 6-pronged setting are a classic platinum engagement ring style. The styles that will rule in 2022 include a claw pronged setting that enhances the centre stone, halo diamond rings set in platinum, and textured machine shanks with different shaped diamonds such as baguettes and princess cut,” shares Pallavi Sharma, Business Director, PGI India.

Platinum Days Of Love engagement rings: £POA



The Ethos

“Today, we consume 111 million carats of mined diamonds. Imagine the kind of environmental damage behind its digging, mining and consuming. Now, technology enables us to get the exact same diamond, with no compromise in the quality, while saving the planet and people. That is the proposition that lab-grown (CVD) diamonds bring to the table,” muses Pooja Sheth, Founder and MD, Limelight Diamonds. Celebrity patrons of lab-grown diamonds include Emma Watson, Meghan Markle and Deepika Padukone.

The Modern Heirlooms

“From an array of settings to unique diamond shapes, our core philosophy at Limelight is to provide every girl with a ring that enhances her personality. And for that reason, our designs have a simple focus: the solitaire must outshine! CVD diamonds are also superior in quality and lustre since they are nitrogen-free, perfect for the woman who is sustainability-forward, socially-responsible and stylish.”

2022 Ring Trends

“2022 has all been about going big. And who doesn’t want to upgrade? If one dreamt of 1-carat, they now wish for 1.5. CVD diamonds enable cost savings, and therefore, anyone can afford a much bigger solitaire in the same price. A message to partners proposing this year: ‘Go big or go home’,” advices Pooja.

Limelight Diamonds engagement rings: £POA


The Aesthetic

“Coloured stones are a more affordable option as well as a fun way to introduce colour to an engagement ring. I combine diamonds and precious gemstones to creating timeless but unique engagement rings with a focus on beautiful craftmanship and expertly-sourced stones from across the world,” says Emma Clarkson Webb. Kate Middleton wears a stunning 12-carat oval sapphire ring that belonged to late Princess Diana.

The Stones

“Sapphires, tourmalines, rubies and zircon: these are all fantastic options for an engagement ring centre stone. They’re hardwearing, if set well and looked after. Coloured stones also look superb set alongside diamonds in white, rose and yellow gold. Emeralds are one of my favourite gemstones, but it’s important to really consider this choice as they’re super brittle.”

2022 Ring Trends

“Toi et moi rings are super popular, thanks to Ariana Grande. I am also seeing a lot of coloured stones are being selected for engagement rings—teals in particular. Rhodium plating also seems to be having a comeback, with black rhodium a particular hit over the last year. The oval cut diamond is still a strong favourite this year.”

Emma Clarkson Webb engagement rings: £POA


The Starting Point

“I look at structure first. I’m inspired by architecture and nature. This matters a lot to me when designing bespoke. I discuss with the couple what their passions are, before starting with early concepts. Refining the drawings as we go, we come to the ultimate piece which then takes 12 weeks to produce,” reveals Emma Franklin.

The Uniqueness

“Coloured diamonds are so unusual. Coloured gemstones are usually semi-precious, but a coloured diamond is particularly special and unusual. They have the unusual tones as well as the magical aspects of diamonds that you just can’t find elsewhere.” Diamond’s coloured iterations are more precious, rarer, and available in a spectrum of shades like yellows, blues, greens, pinks, browns and even black. Blake Lively’s ring, designed by her friend and jeweller Lorraine Schwartz, heroes a 12-carat pink diamond ring.

2022 Ring Trends

“Salt and pepper hexagon diamonds are interesting, and also Asscher cuts. Colour-wise, I adore pink diamonds and have it in my own engagement ring. I love the way they blend with golds, making it seem like the metal is twinkling. Rub over setting, and tension setting which allows the diamond to float between metal will be big.”

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