10 Delicious Chocolate Easter Eggs For 2021

10 Delicious Chocolate Easter Eggs For 2021

From mouth-watering flavours to visual treats, these chocolate Easter eggs will satiate all your sugar cravings!

ARTICLE BY : Arushi Sakhuja


From shelves at supermarkets being filled with a burst of colour to the streets being full of cheer and joy, Easter celebrations are always special. Whether you’re 5 or 50, the festivities are incomplete without the age-old tradition of vibrant Easter eggs. Make the day extra special as you channel your inner artsy side by painting your own Easter eggs to decorate them or use the occasion as an excuse to indulge in your sweet tooth.

With our lives in lockdown, we suggest you treat yourself to chocolate-y Easter eggs. And we promise there’s nothing a delicious chocolate (or two) can’t fix. Be it white, dark or milk, these extravagant choices will have you spoilt for choice. From nailing classic combinations to experimenting with an array of new flavours, if you’re on a quest to find the perfect Easter egg this year, here’s our curated edit of decadent ones that will leave you wanting more.

1.Burst Of Flavour

The combination of sea salt and dark chocolate in these Rococo Chocolate treats is surely one that is worth every calorie. Hatch open the egg for a surprise of mini truffles covered in cocoa. A perfectly balanced decadent treat, the sweetness of the salted caramel is enhanced with the richness of dark chocolate for a melt in your mouth feeling.  
Rococo Chocolates, Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, £32.95

2. Hazelnut Lovers

A nutty and irresistible treat, Fortnum and Mason’s Hazelnut and Blonde Chocolate is deliciously creamy and bursts with flavour. Layered with roasted hazelnuts, every bit ensure you get the perfect crunch along with a taste of the delicious milk chocolate.
Fortnum and Mason, Handmade Hazelnut and Blonde Chocolate, £35

3. Caramel Overload

A visual delight and a sweet treat that you can savour for long, Booja Booja’s exquisite egg is hand painted by artists in Kashmir. When you crack it open it reveals delicious almond and sea salt chocolate truffles for a mouth full of flavour. It is both vegan and tasty! Add this to your shopping cart and we promise you won’t be disappointed.
Booja Booja, Vegan Almond Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, £29.99

4. Mini Treats

Sitting between two extra-thick half shells with creamy pralines and velvety-soft truffle, this is chocolate perfection. Made with a blend of 40% milk chocolate, and 50% milk chocolate, these flavours are sumptuous. When cracked, it will reveal mini chocolate with a pop of colour that’s sure to make you smile.
Hotel Chocolat, Extra Thick Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, £29

5. Pure Indulgence

Take a bite of pure indulgence with Fortnum and Masons’ Easter egg that is coated with praline, adding extra crunch and depth of flavour. With the exterior resembling that of a nutty treat, it will perfectly satisfy your craving for sweet and crunchy.
Fortnum and Mason, Praline Scotch Egg, £15.95

6. Visual Delight

Why settle for a regular Easter egg when you can have something that’s so pretty to look at? The creamy texture of milk chocolate is combined with the richness of pure chocolate to transport you into a world of eternal bliss in the John Lewis treats.
John Lewis, Milk Chocolate Floral Easter Eggs, £16

7.Truly Decadent

Macadamia or chocolate? A lip-smacking creation with hints of gold dust, Cocoa Co’s Dark Chocolate Shimmer Egg is as tempting as it gets. Nailing basic flavours of dark chocolate, it’s all about tempering the chocolate for the perfect snap sound. It melts in your mouth as soon as you take a bite truly defining decadence without heaviness.
Cocoa Co, Dark chocolate Shimmer Egg, £8.50

8. The Luxe Pick

If you’re looking for an extravagant and OTT option, this show-shopping Morrisons’ Gold Lustre Easter Egg is surely going to leave you delighted. Encased in three layers, the first layer compromises of a shimmery gold milk chocolate outer shell, followed by a silky smooth dark chocolate layer with white chocolate and finally the gold egg.
Morrisons, Gold Lustre Easter Egg, £8

9. Fruity Treat

This fruit and nut milk chocolate lattice egg combines the richness of nuts, fruits and chocolate. Crack it open to find hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios and golden raisins. The artistically created detailing on the outside makes this look like a piece of art. Bringing together the flavour of fruits with sweetness and richness of chocolate, you are sure to relish every bite.
Marks and Spencer, Fruit and Nut Milk Chocolate Lattice Egg, £15

10. Chocolate Heaven

Belgian chocolate fans are going to be in love with this Morrisons Belgian Milk Chocolate Easter egg. Decorated with a splash of gold, it oozes caramel as soon as you bite into it. The smooth texture of the chocolate is elevated with the richness of the caramel and will leave you wanting more.
Morrisons, Belgian Milk Chocolate and Caramel, £5



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