6 Best Charity Wedding Favours To Consider For Your Wedding

6 Best Charity Wedding Favours To Consider For Your Wedding

Swap traditional gifts with meaningful charity wedding favours from Cancer Research UK.

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We all know the importance of unique favours when it comes to a wedding ceremony. And for guests, finding a wedding favour at your seat is always a treat. From thoughtful tokens to grand gifts and everything in between, these always leave wedding attendees with a smile. But sometimes there's a desire to give back to society and make the token that your guests will remember for a lifetime.  

Discover a meaningful alternative to traditional wedding favours with Cancer Research UK that lets you thank your wedding guests by donating to life-saving cancer research. Having an online presence, Cancer Research UK has an eco-friendly selection of wedding favours where 100 percent of the profits are donated to cancer research. With an array of unique wedding favours like faith pins, badges biodegradable confetti to sustainable flower seeds, it's time to give back to Mother Nature. These charity wedding favours are surely going to spread the love. We've put together a list of the best ones for you to choose from.

1. Confetti Galore

Confetti, but make it eco-friendly. If you're looking for something your guests will actually use, bags of dried petal confetti are a nice idea. Shower the newlyweds in dried petals or use it in their homes for a special occasion.  

2. Faith Above All

Tailor your badges to your faith with CRUK's new religious pins. Keep them on the ‘thank you’ cards or include them as part of a centrepiece for your decor.

3. Support A Cause

Show your support for cancer patients as you give them the iconic cancer sign badge or tie pin. Be it a formal suit for men or a crisp white shirt for women, these work as the perfect accessories to add a dash of glamour. Opt for one with a blue precious stone for men and a pink one for women.

4. Table Decor

Amp up your personalised sit down dinner table setting with a snowflake pin. Be it winter or summer, snowflakes are always a charming addition. Decorated with a Swarovski crystal in the centre, it adds a luxe factor to the gift.

5. A Pop Of Colour

If your personality is cheerful and playful, add a pop of colour to your wedding favours. Go down the memory lane as you add colourful animal badges to your decor.

6. Express Gratitude

Thank you notes are always thoughtful gestures. Choose to place them as a part of your wedding decor and let your guests donate an amount of their choice to the larger cause.

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