8 Kitchen Essentials For Ramadan

8 Kitchen Essentials For Ramadan

Leave your guests wanting more as you cook up a healthy and delicious feast for Iftar.

ARTICLE BY : Arushi Sakhuja


The holiest month of the year for Muslims, Ramadan is a 30-day long festival for fasting, worshipping, celebrating and spending time with friends and family. According to tradition, people start their day before sunrise with a lavish meal and fast till sunset, breaking their fast with a meal known as Iftar. It is this custom of warmly welcoming loved ones into your home for a nourishing meal after a long day of fasting that adds warmth and a spark to the occasion. And nothing justifies the phrase ‘more the merrier’ better than the occasion of Iftar.  While Ramadan meals may not always be gourmet meals, who says they can’t be sumptuous and mouth-watering?

The festival all set to start on the 12th of April 2021 till 12th May 2021. With days ticking by, it will be here before you know it and much like any other festival, food plays a major role. We all know how grocery runs can get overwhelming during Ramadan, and prepping your kitchen before it begins is a great way to shed off some stress.  So it’s time to fine-tune your kitchen productivity now and make meal prep a little easier. To help you channel your creative side in the kitchen here’s our handpicked edit of kitchen essentials that’ll ensure you serve up some lip-smacking dishes.

1.The All-In-One Box

If you’re looking for one SOS box look no further. Morrison’s Ramadan box (that is delivered to your doorstep) brings you all the essentials for a feast to remember! A bonus? It also doubles up as the perfect option to send to loved ones this Ramadan.
Morrisons, Ramdan Box, £33

2. The Crunchier The Better

Make delicious samosas and pastries in the ninja air fryer for a healthier but equally delicious option. Some say it tastes better than deep-frying them, and who doesn’t love that extra crunch?
John Lewis, Ninja Max Air Fryer, £149.99

3. A Kitchen Staple

No matter whether you’re cooking a delicious curry, lentils or a side of boiled veggies, a pressure cooker will help you speed up the meal preps in the kitchen. Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief.
Robert Dyas, Tower Pressure Cooker, £53.99

4. Quick Fix!

Making refreshing juices for iftar in no time or whip up a healthy smoothie during Sehri to keep your energy going. Here’s a quick and nutritious smoothie recipe to get you going. Add milk, banana, mixed nuts and a handful of assorted seeds to a blender and mix well. Serve chilled!
John Lewis, Ninja Food Processor, £199.99

5. Stock Up

Grocery runs during Ramadan can be chaotic, so stock up on the dry kitchen staples to sail through without the burden of heading to the supermarket. Thank us later for throwing light on the importance of a well-stocked kitchen cupboard! The best part? These are perishable and have a long shelf life.
Asda, Ramdan Cupboard Essentials Bundle, £25.09

6. Kitchen To Table

You can never have too many wooden spoons. The perfect accompaniment in the kitchen or on the table, do away with the pressure of scouting for the perfect serving spoons. A pro tip – these smaller details make a huge difference.
Amara, Pure Wood Kitchen Utensils, £59

7. Serve In Style

Add a rustic charm and visual aesthetic to your table spread with this platter. Showcase your culinary skills as you display your mouth-watering creations in style.
Next, XL Mango Wood Serve Board, £20

8. Opulence Is Served

After putting in hours of work in the kitchen, it’s only right to serve in style. Pamper your guests and make them feel special as you serve them exquisite dining wear. An ideal option for bread, roti, salads and fruit.
Amara, Rio Corte Salad Bowl, £20


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