Multi-Faith Wedding Favours By Cancer Research UK That Give Back

Multi-Faith Wedding Favours By Cancer Research UK That Give Back

Whatever Your Faith, Thank Your Guests With Favours From CRUK.

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Whether you’re going to have a religious ceremony or a spiritual one, it’s important to have thoughtful favours for friends and family members who made their way to celebrate your special occasion. Being the last aspect of the celebrations, your wedding favours will go a long way with your guests for years to come. Naturally, you should look for options that are unique, utilitarian, and most importantly, meaningful. But your favours have the potential to be more than just tokens to thank your attendees and keepsakes for them to keep and enjoy. They can truly celebrate your faith and also make a difference beyond your festivities.

If you're someone who wants to make the token a memorable one that can be cherished over years, charity wedding favours are a great idea. Cancer Research UK is one such organisation you can consider. Cancer Research UK brings you a plethora of multi-faith wedding favours to choose from, while helping save lives. It is the world's largest independent cancer research organisation, which is dedicated to carrying out in-depth research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. With every purchase, CRUK uses a part of the proceeds to fight against cancer and fund incredible life-saving research.

Whatever your faith, we've put together a list of our favourite items from Cancer Research UK's collection that you will love. Scroll on to browse through them.

Faith Pin and Badges
A faith pin or badge will make for a beautiful gift and will speak to your desire to make a difference in the world by giving back to the community. Make your selection from Cancer Research UK’s variety of faith pins.

If you follow Christianity

If you follow Christianity, share your faith with this elegant this Silver Cross Pin Badge, and backing card. An important symbol, the Christian cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus and carries the message of love, finality and fulfilled promises.
Silver Cross Wedding Favour

If you follow Islam

Crescent Moon and Star wedding favour, as the name suggests, is based on the symbol that is recognised of the faith of Islam and its followers. The crescent represents progress and the five-pointed star, light and knowledge.
Cresent Moon And Star Wedding Favour

If you follow Hinduism, Jainism or Buddhism

Make those final finishing touches on your special day count with this Silver Om Pin Badge and backing card. A mystic syllable, Om is considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism and even Jainism. It appears at the beginning and end of most Sanskrit recitations, prayers, meditation and texts, and research has shown chanting it promotes relaxation and many mental health benefits.
Silver Om Wedding Favour

If you follow Sikhism

Personalise your day with this Silver Khanda Pin Badge and backing card that’s seen in the Sikh flag. Often called the Sikhism coat of arms or Khalsa Crest, the emblem refers to a flat broadsword having two edges. The sword symbolises truth and the circlet represents unity and infinity.
Silver Khanda Wedding Favour

If you follow Judaism

This Silver Star of David pin badge is apt tribute to your Jewish roots. Known in Hebrew as a Magen David (shield of David), it features two triangles superimposed on each other, forming the shape of a hexagram. While there are several meanings, it’s considered a symbol of protection and safety.
Silver Star Of David Wedding Favour

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