Netflix Celebrates Big Fat Indian Weddings With Their Latest Docu-Series, The Big Day

Netflix Celebrates Big Fat Indian Weddings With Their Latest Docu-Series, The Big Day

Indian weddings are a mix of emotion and opulence, and Netflix’s latest show, The Big Day, gives you a taste of three lavish celebrations

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Whimsical, dreamy, romantic and fairytale-like might just be some of the words to express the opulence and larger-than-life nature of a big fat Indian wedding. And the stunning visuals in Netflix’s newest documentary series, ‘The Big Day’ will transport you into the world of lavish Indian weddings and all the prep that goes into it. Aptly released on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021, the show gives a peek inside the multibillion-dollar wedding industry in the country.

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Whether you’ve experienced an event of such grandeur or are looking forward to attend one, The Big Day will give you a trailer of what to expect at Indian celebrations. The jaw-dropping décor, couture and rituals that will leave you teary-eyed, make this show a must-watch. And for those of you who are getting closer to their special occasion, here’s your chance to hear real stories of the chaos and stress that goes into planning a wedding.

With 12 weddings, 350 bride-groom interviews, 25 cities around the world and expert opinions, the show is divided into two collections that take place across six 40-minute episodes. In the just-released first collection with three episodes, six engaged couples begin their journey towards their happily-ever-after, as the Netflix series traces how they execute their perfect wedding. It depicts how couples go all-out to make their D-day anything but ordinary by replacing old rules with new ones, all while celebrating the beauty of love without any limits and prejudices.  

The trailer is enough to draw you in with vibrant colours, stunning floral décor, OTT set-ups and dreamy bridal couture. Over the three episodes, the show throws light on the vendors and the creative geniuses (the designers, the decorators, the caterers, the wedding planners, photographers and the wedding portals), who help put-together next-level grandeur. It also showcases every couple’s thoughts on what’s important to them along the way—whether it’s sustainability, a larger-than-life appeal or ditching old rituals for new-age ones. The series also shows their emotional journeys, the compromises and how they find a balance.

Immense love and a romantic courtship, along with some family drama and personal struggles take centre stage as these couples embark on a new journey. The underlying theme of the show is that Indian weddings are not a homogenous entity, and instead they are celebrations of diversity. From affluent individuals and non-resident Indian couples, to mixed religious backgrounds, a gay wedding and one where the girl earns more than the boy, each couple showcases a different story. Being a progressive show, The Big Day also questions things like why a woman is called a bridezilla. If you’re looking for an entertaining show to binge-watch right now, The Big Day is just the escapism you need from the pandemic world.  



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