This Spectacular Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Venue In Gurugram Is Fit For Royalty

This Spectacular Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Venue In Gurugram Is Fit For Royalty

Luxury, Splendour And History Come Together In This Incredible Property In India.

ARTICLE BY : Nupur Sarvaiya


Sitting amidst lush verdancy and steeped in opulence, Sarai Anantram House stands as a sanctum of serenity and style in the bustling Gurugram city in India. On entering, it is impossible to take your eyes off its gorgeous façade. In a serene blush shade—juxtaposing sharp linear lines with soft arches and white surface ornamentation—the country house promises to elicit awe. But the edifice is only the start of its plethora of visually-appealing delights. Inside, vintage design, rich culture, family heirlooms and exquisite art and antiques come together in unexpected, utterly stunning ways.

Its magnificent indoor and outdoor spaces lend itself the perfect settings for a fairy-tale pre-wedding photoshoot. Whether you desire a stately charm for the images, a vintage vibe or an arty affair, the exclusive Haveli and its estate will bring your vision to life.  
The alluring architecture

The private residence was fully envisioned, conceptualised and designed by Swami Anant Narayan, the eldest son of an illustrious Zamindari family and the Founder and Creative Director of The Aam Bagh Company. Initiated on the path of God by his spiritual master Guruji in 2011, the visionary essayed the role of the architect as well as the landscape and interior designer of the Haveli.

Couples can immerse themselves in Indo-Saracenic architecture at its most intricate and incredible rendition at Sarai Anantram House. “The eponymous name and the architecture is inspired from our ancestral fortress in Qila Sarai Anantram, Uttar Pradesh. Over and above, it’s inspired by my maternal grandfather's ancestral British colonial bungalow in Dehradun, Uttarakhand,” reveals Swami Anant. Use the marvel as a backdrop for those splendid shots.  

Replete with rich biodiversity, the mesmerising gardens and ornamental orchards, too, allow for endless picture opportunities. “We planted around 800+ native trees, shrubs, plants throughout the estate,” he adds. 

The delectable details

The showstopper of the Haveli is the Bada Darwaza (colossal main door). Dating back to the 18th century, it was lovingly and painstakingly restored by Swami Anant Narayan from the ruins of a fortress in Rajasthan. Let the intricately carved teakwood arches and pillars showcasing Rajputana style be one of your hero shots during the shoot.
Pass through the vintage door and be welcomed by the central courtyard with a large divine Shiva Linga, reflecting ancient Hindu architectural design. The ornate pillars and fountain are a treat for the eyes and a camera’s lens. The vintage fineries and ornate detailings at the exquisitely realised rooms will elevate your loved-up photoshoot. We are particularly swooned by the British colonial verandas with vibrant Azulejos tiles for that pop of colour in your pictures.
Colour to craft, every room is special and showcases storied surroundings that balance old-world charm with new-age luxury to offer the best of both worlds in distinctive ways. The incredible furniture and furnishings in the lounges and bedchambers are sympathetic to the era bygone, apt for those fit-for-royals couple portraits.
“The furniture in the French room is French colonial and can be traced back to Chandernagore, Bengal. The fireplace in the Queen's room is neo-classical, inspired by the European Renaissance era. I have painstakingly worked towards the preservation of India's rich historical and cultural heritage. All doors, windows, partitions and facades are 80-150 years old, and have been lovingly restored to their original glory by me.” 

Everything to know about Sarai Anantram House
Book Sarai Anantram House for a 12-hour pre-wedding shoot for a crew size of 25, starting between 6am to 9am. Since it’s a private residence, overnight stays aren’t permitted at the property at the moment. However, during the shoot, couples can use one of luxurious suites for hair, makeup, styling, preparation and rest.  The charges are approximately £950 + taxes. The best part is couples can block the property absolutely free of cost. The dedicated team here can help with several aspects, including meals on a chargeable basis, so you can focus on the shoot and enjoy the whole experience. Expect pictures that look straight out of a magazine that you can save as keepsakes for a lifetime.  

For more information:
Sarai Anantram House
Phone +91 9958499359
Instagram: @SaraiAnantramHouse


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