Why You Need To Make A Wedding Planning Timeline

Why You Need To Make A Wedding Planning Timeline

Confused About How To Start Planning Your Big Day? Here’s How.

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The big question has been asked and you’ve said yes! Now it’s time to start planning the wedding of your dreams. And as exciting as that sounds, finding a starting point to the planning process can be quite confusing. Do you start with looking for venues or should you prioritise researching for the best vendors in the business? If you already tried taking in the unlimited advice available on Tiktok and Instagram, it’s time to turn towards an expert wedding planner.

Take a deep breath and grab a pen and paper because the answer to your questions is an old-school one. Similar to your daily to-do list, a wedding planning timeline is just what you need. Start by noting down the numerous things you need to look into such as finding your dream venue, booking your makeup artist, sending out wedding invitation and so on. If you are feeling crafty, feel free to use sticky notes and rearrange them based on what needs to be done first.

Need more eyes on this task? Get in touch with the UK’s top wedding planner, Parvy of Destination Snob. Dive into tips from the expert who specialises in destination wedding planning to make your life easier.

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Fix Your Focus
“Everyone’s wedding planning journey is very different. Remember, this is where two different families, sometimes even two different cultures come together. There are so many different rituals to know about too. So, it’s very important to start writing it down as it helps you focus and tick things off” shared Parvy. Your timeline can be as detailed as you prefer. Besides a checklist of what needs to be done first, it can also include questions you’d like to ask your wedding vendors.

No Missed Spots

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“For example, when you are looking for a venue, there is a lot that you have to think about. Writing a timeline and checklist down will help you not miss the important details. ‘What kind of food you want, if you want a fusion menu’. All these things, when noted down, have a lesser chance of being missed out.” When you choose Destination Snob, you get access to their planning portal which includes a 12-month planning checklist, a budget planner, a design studio to help you keep organised.

Helping Hands

“When you make a checklist, it helps to share the responsibility of the tasks that need to be taken care off. Once you have actually written down a timeline, you will then be able to share the responsibilities with your partner and other family members. This will also help your family feel involved in the wedding.” Sometimes couple’s start planning it by themselves but soon realise that this is no one man’s job and the more helping hands, the merrier it will be.

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