16 Unique Wedding Flower Ideas

16 Unique Wedding Flower Ideas

Mandap To Table, Enter The World Of Flowers For Wedding Décor Of Your Dreams.

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This wedding season, the power of flowers is back to take over wedding décor and celebrations. The first thing you will want to consider when choosing a floral backdrop is how it will work with the outfits of the bride and groom. “An overload of tree hangings in ombre hues of pink, white and mint green, perfectly complimenting the bride’s hot pink Anamika Khanna lehenga for this mehndi brunch” shared The A-Cube Project.

Arch Soirée
A timeless choice offering endless options of colours and combinations, floral décor can be customised as per your vision for your big day. The textures and pattern brought together by floral settings can sometimes be overpowering. It can be toned down by choosing asymmetric arches and muted colours that will bring the focus back to the couple. It is recommended to work with a maximum of three colours for the floral galore.

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Gone are the days when large walls of flowers took over the backdrops. Be it for the pre-wedding events or for the reception party, floral arches will bring a sense of freshness and minimalism to the celebrations. It perfectly balances out the glitz and glam of the events while maintaining the grandeur of the décor. Consider incorporating seasonal flowers into the floral décor to bring the outdoors into the venues.

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Photography: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

Aisle Away
To create a fairy-tale like bridal entry, there is nothing better than adorning the aisle with plush floral arrangements. It is essential to make sure that each of these arrangements is firmly set to avoid any interruptions with the bride’s floor-sweeping outfit. An aisle full of flowers promises magical photographs that will be cherished forever. Hanging florals feel like a doorway to happy moments. Industry experts, Petals n Drapes shared, “We created an experience of going through a tunnel before guests enter the magnificently decorated main hall. This was a teaser of the main décor prior to the big reveal and acted as a photo opportunity.”
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For a quirky couple willing to break beyond the usual, you can take inspiration from fairy-tales and classic stories such as Alice in Wonderland. This way you can incorporate a theme of your choice. Janki Desai shared, “The couple wanted a different play on floral design. We came up with life size organza flowers for a whimsical vibe which has been a signature style of Altair Decor ever since.”

Top: Petals n Drapes • Bottom: Della Adventure

Mandap Mania
Mandap design are customised to make the best of the wedding venues. If you have an unconventionally shaped mandap, adorning it with floral décor is the best choice. For an outdoor mandap, make sure to consider how the floral garlands and strings will work with the daylight peeking through to avoid shadows on the couple.
Balance out the large floral pieces with dedicated empty spaces to create the perfect mandap. Consider the natural backdrop of your venue to help choose the ideal floral design for the mandap. If your venue is rich in green foliage, utilise it as a starting point when choosing the colour palette and type of flowers.
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Ditch the mandap with a floral ceiling and embrace the beauty of floor seating. Floral arrangements can be used to define the edges of your mandap like the unique design by Atisuto Events. Performing the wedding ceremony whilst being nestled into fragrant florals will be a magical experience for the couple.

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Photography: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu, Reels & Frames

Turning Tables
Table décor at a wedding is a finishing touch to the grand décor. Whether you choose a long table for the reception dinner or smaller round tables for an intimate affair, jazzing it up with flowers is ideal. Go big with long floral runners for your décor sweeping till the end of the tables.
If you want to incorporate flower centrepieces while working with a limited table space, elevate the floral arrangements off the table in tall vases or even let them hang from the ceiling. Tie these in perfectly with the table décor by following a colour palette or theme chosen by the couple-in-love. Paying attention to detail when creating floral arrangements will give a clean and polished look to the table décor.
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Consider creating artificial floral arrangements for the table décor as it might be the best idea to keep the pollen away from the food. You can also bring in dried foliage to make the floral centre pieces to avoid shedding of petals. It will add a rustic feel to the setup. The flowers chosen for the table décor can be paired with candles and other minimalist centre pieces too.

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Photography: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu, Reels & Frames


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