8 Best Fragrances for Grooms This Wedding Season

8 Best Fragrances for Grooms This Wedding Season

A round-up of the most irresistible scents for every groom.

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Smelling good is a part of good etiquette. But choosing the right fragrance to suit your personality can be a daunting task. Like a sharp haircut and a crisp, well-ironed shirt, a good fragrance is not just a discreet necessity, but it also has the power to put you in a good mood or make you feel confident. Whether you're finding the right cologne for yourself or your significant other, it's time to pin down the one which has the potential to become your signature scent. Intoxicating scents, alluring notes and luxury concoctions, we bring you our edit of the best fragrances for men this season.

1. Aventus by Creed

The hefty price tag of the Creed Aventus is justified by its sensual, audacious and contemporary scent. An ideal pick for the bold, spirited and confident modern man, the fragrance opens with tantalising top notes of blackcurrant and Italian bergamot, blended with Calville Blanc apples and sparkling pineapple. The symphony of fragrances make it a popular all time favourite choice.
Creed, Creed's Aventus, Eau De Parfume, £195

2. Bleu De Chanel by Chanel

Fresh but sensual, the Chanel Bleu De Chanel is a tribute to masculine freedom in an aromatic-woody fragrance with a captivating trail. A timeless fragrance, it's a blend of sharp citruses mellowed out with woody cedar, sandalwood and amber and smells like a woodland walk that heads down to the sea.
Chanel, Bleu De Chanel, £72

3. Bottled Night by Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Bottled Night is the perfect blend between elegance and seduction. The midnight blue bottle is a nod to the fact it's designed for evening and the notes bring birch, citric lemon, African violet and sandalwood together in one of Boss' most popular scents.
Hugo Boss, Boss Bottled Night Eau de Toilette, £71

4. Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera

Bad Boy, a reiteration of the best selling scent with the same name, is in equal parts elegant, powerful and sexy. Light and dark elements attract, such as high-voltage hemp and warm leather, hurl together to create an energizing duality that reflects the unique and complex personality of the modern groom.  
Carolina Herrera, Bad Boy Le Parfum Eau de Parfum, £60

5. Diamonds for Men by Emporio Armani

This woody aromatic perfume, cut and polished like a diamond, is hard to resist. Opening with icy notes are contrasted with lingering sensual, burning accents. The emblematic notes of men’s fragrance–cedarwood and bergamot–are subverted with original surprising and addictive ingredients, such as cocoa bean and Sichuan pepper.
Emporio Armani, Diamonds for Men Eau de Toilette, £65

6. Oud & Spice by Acqua Di Parma

An opulent oud, the signature Oud & Spice Eau de Parfum is created using an extremely rare oil extracted from agarwood–a precious resin of the Aquilaria tree–found in Laos, Asia. Mixing warm spice and sunny fruits, it graces the skin and air with an irresistible scent.
Acqua Di Parma, ADP Sig Oud & Spice, £201

7. Le Gemme Azaran by Bvlgari

Bvlgari’s rich scent Le Gemme Azaran takes inspiration from the aventurine gem which conjures the dynamic nature of the earth. The woody eau de parfum boasts a complex profile of leather, rare saffron, and alluring red cedarwood.
Bvlgari, Le Gemme Azaran Eau de Parfum, £268

8. Man Ice by Jimmy Choo

Seductive and sophisticated, the Jimmy Choo Man Ice is designed for the modern man. With top notes of lime and a base of musky tones, the slight sweetness precedes a depth of woody notes that provides a degree of complexity. A fragrance that will take you from morning to evening, it a must-have on your dresser.
Jimmy Choo, Man Ice, £68


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