A Visual Feast: Inside The Grandeur Of An Indian Destination Wedding In Baku

A Visual Feast: Inside The Grandeur Of An Indian Destination Wedding In Baku

Captured In Its Full Glory By Emerging Bridal-Favourite Photographers.

ARTICLE BY : Suhani Lotlikar


After months of meticulous planning, braving countless hurdles, and making decisions that rival those of a Parliament debate, your wedding day breezes by like a British summer – here one moment, gone the next. But fear not! In this age-old battle against the clock, photographs emerge as our trusted time machines, whisking us back to those treasured moments faster than you can say "I do"?

Choosing the perfect photographer to capture your fairy-tale moments, however, is no small feat. Enter Sanjana and Vibhor, the dazzling duo whose breathtaking wedding portraits caused a stir on social media. Their secret weapon? None other than Cupcake Productions – the maestros of wedding photography, straddling bases in Delhi and London.

Join us on a whimsical journey through Sanjana and Vibhor's love story, and uncover the delightful reasons behind their choice of Cupcake Productions as their trusted storytellers.

The Love Story

The story of Sanjana and Vibhor’s love was written in the stars that led to them crossing paths at a meet-cute set up by their family friends. “It was (almost) love at first sight. We both believe that if you've truly found the 'one', it's an instantaneous sense of deep comfort and unconditional acceptance, with no need for deliberating and wavering. And so, we very rapidly felt that we were meant to be together.”

Leading Up To The Big Day

When talking about their dream wedding in the making, the couple shared “we wanted it to be somewhere in the middle - neither too small and decorous, nor too large and impersonal. We chose Baku, Azerbaijan. I'm from Chennai and Vibhor is from New York, and we wanted our wedding location to be a geographical middle ground for both our communities. We looked everywhere, and found there was no city quite like Baku in terms of hospitality and the willingness with which they accommodated and incorporated our wedding culture.”

“We were so lucky that our venues - the Four Seasons banquet hall and Boyuk Saray - are so breath-taking that we only had to augment them ever so slightly with flowers and candles. We chose colour schemes that would complement the interiors; light pastels for the blue-gold Boyuk Saray, red and violet for the white-gold Four Seasons.”

Captured In Time

When talking about their choice of photography experts, the bride shared “Cupcake Productions is wonderful, especially with Jayant at the helm, and they were excellent at either holding us to schedule - and if not, obtaining their shots wherever and whenever they could. Both my husband and I are a tiny bit awkward in front of the camera, and they were incredible at putting us at ease- which is evident in all the sweet, semi-candid photographs we have.”

The team of Cupcake Productions beautifully captured the couple’s sweetest moments forever freezing the best day of their lives in time. Sanjana and Vibhor’s pictures from their multi-event destination celebration are ones that effortlessly tell their story and mark the beginning of their journey together.

Dressed In Designer

“I wore my mother's Abhishek Sharma lehenga for the sangeet, because I wanted to bolster myself with confidence at the first event. I paired it with a statement kundan necklace from Challani's, which is a beautiful jewellery store in Chennai. I changed into a white Falguni & Shane Peacock anarkali afterwards, which was perfect because it was light enough to dance in, while still being bridal. Vibhor wore a Dior suit. For the lunch, I wore an embellished Gaurav Gupta drape sari, and Vibhor wore a blue Manish Malhotra sherwani with poetry embroidered on the inside. For the wedding, I wore a red Falguni & Shane Peacock lehenga with a rosette diamond necklace designed by my mother-in-law. Vibhor, in contrast, wore a beautifully subtle and intricate Tarun Tahiliani sherwani.”

Memorable Moments
“At our pheras, we had our guests ring hand-held bells during the pheras, which created a sonorous, melodic atmosphere and it felt even more special to have everyone involved.” The bride looked back to share a word of advice for brides-to-be stating “relax and try to retain the focus on having poignant and joyous moments with everyone you love all together in one place. Also, be prepared for how exhausting the actual wedding day can be, especially if you have early morning poojas and hours in hair and makeup.”

The Bride: Sanjana Gothi
The Groom: Vibhor Dhadda
Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Baku and Böyük Saray
Hair & Makeup: Shradha Luthra 
Bride's Designers: Falguni Shane Peacock, Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani
Jewellery Designers: Vibhor Jewels
Event Planning and Décor: T Group Design and Ulduz Zeynalova 
Entertainment: Dj Ganesh, Ameya Dabli, Lakshya

For more information, visit:
Cupcake Productions

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