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A Noir Affair

A Noir Affair

Bewitching beauty looks for the evening reception

ARTICLE BY : Abha Shah


Winter is the season of luminosity and warmth, which can be transferred to your bridal beauty look - if you know how. 

Skin that glows from the inside out is the focus of this gorgeous gilded look, so enhance yours with full coverage foundation containing light-reflecting particles, using bronzer on the edges of your face to enhance features.

Glide antique gold eyeshadow along the lids, switching to nude and bronze on the crease to add depth. Finish with streaks of black eyeliner along the lashline - liquid is best for the most fluid, clean finish.

Pair the look with delicately tinted lips. We chose a barely-there pink for ultimate chicness. 

Reigning beautifully in gemstone green, this look takes inspiration from the ornately decorated outfit. Start with a moisturised base, smoothing on primer and fluid foundation to achieve a clean palette.

A hint of bronzer under the cheek and at the temples enhances bone structure while highlighter along the cheekbone and fanning out to the undereye area infuses the face with a gorgeous glow.

Ensure statement eyes last the long haul by applying primer before eyeshadows. A must when using high pigmente products, a primer helps deepen the colour and locks in the look so it lasts as long as you do.

Shade lips in velvety red, keeping shine to a minimum to increase depth. 

After applying the Holy Grail of makeup; base, contour and highlighter, it’s time to focus on the lips and eyes.

First, lips. A liner is essential in preventing smudging and helps extend the longevity of your look. The key to solid, rich-looking colour is layering, so apply a layer of crimson lip colour and blot with tissue.

Next, lightly dust translucent powder across the mouth to help set the colour before applying another coat. Yes, your lips are doing the talking here, but eyes still have room to be dramatic with heavy liner and nude and black shadow. Finish with a double coat of mascara and prepare to dazzle.

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